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Liz Collins 

It is an honour to have renowned fashion photographer Liz Collins as a contributing artist to our Photography on a Postcard project. Liz began her career as a photographer in the early 90s, working for Dazed and Confused and The Face. Since then Liz has enjoyed a multifaceted career in the fashion industry, changing the game for female photographers and carving out a niche in the magazine world with her thrilling and indulgent images. She is a regular contributor to Vogue, LOVE, The Gentlewoman and Fantastic Man to name but a few and is now considered one of the most established artists within her field.

CG: What is a successful shoot dependant upon and why? What is it like to be on a shoot with you; how do you like to work when on set?

LC: Atmosphere is everything on a shoot. I try to make sure everyone has a good experience and that we have fun. The energy translates into the work. I’m pretty hands on on set, I move about a lot, adjusting clothes, hair and directing people. Although sometimes the best picture comes from someone just being themselves.

CG: Where do you draw your inspirations for a shoot from and how do you develop your ideas from thought into fruition?

LC: References from books or films. I draw a lot from teenage expression, a familiar action or emotion. I used to sketch out each picture, now I just make notes to refer to on set. 

CG: And tell us one of your favourite or most memorable shoots and why?

LC: Photographing Lauren Hutton in a Malibu beach house. She’s a huge inspiration to me, her looks, her life and travel are just the coolest. Lauren told stories all day about her childhood, her career and of her riding motorbikes. She was open and kind. She complimented me to the point of tears when she left. Lauren is a inspirational and generous soul.

CG: How has the fashion/magazine industry changed since you first encountered it in the 90s?

LC: It’s gotten much quicker. Stories and now published within a month, where are we used to wait around 3 months to see work on the newsstand. There are more collections now too (4 a year), so there’s more variety in the clothes we get to photograph. The financial restrictions that the entire business world are experiencing are, of course, reflected in the publishing world. Essential changes are happening in the UK magazine industry, with big changes at British Vogue (Edward Enninful and Venetia Scott taking over), which will be brilliant to watch develop.

CG: What advice would you give to photographers trying to make a name for themselves in the industry?

LC: Find something unique in your work that makes you stand out from the rest.

CG: What is it about this particular project that made you want to be involved?

LC: I have had close friends affected by and successfully treated of Hepatitis C. It’s so incredible that we will see the end of this monstrous disease during our life time. I didn’t hesitate to help.

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About the writer
Claudia has written for various publications including GQ and LOVE magazine. She graduated from the University of Leeds in 2014 with a 2:1 Geography and has since gone on to pursue a career in fashion, and is a full time model with Storm London. A keen writer and fashion enthusiast; her secret project 'ClaudRobe' will be launching later this Summer.

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