Kim Dingle - I like your hair...I like your hair
Kim Dingle - I like your hair...I like your hair
Kim Dingle - I like your hair...I like your hair

Kim Dingle - I like your hair...I like your hair

'I Like Your Hair…I Like Your Hair' is LA-based artist Kim Dingle’s first ever digital drawing. Described by one critic as the ‘Los Angeles bad girl’, Kim has always pushed boundaries and challenged perceptions with her sculptures and paintings and she now does the same with her medium. In this limited edition run of prints Kim also experiments with colour and the outcome is a sulky pastel triumph. 

Kim says ‘I first purchased an iPad so I could work on paintings after hours - in bed - based on a digital photo of a painting in progress.  What took so long to just try a 100% digital painting?   I saw Hockney’ years ago and admired them but found the colours too computer intense.   Now I do it.  This is my first one’.


Edition of 50

Signed and numbered 

Fine Art Giclée print on Hahnemühle Pearl

107mm x 152mm / 4" x 6"


Kim Dingle (1951) is known for her depictions of naughty little girls. Her lawless installations and subversive paintings have been a staple of the Los Angeles art scene for over two decades. Her hand-painted porcelain dolls of two year old girls named ‘Fatty’ and ‘Fudge’ (or ‘Priss’) literally dominate her work in their frilly white dresses with clenched fists in acts of violence often tearing down the gallery walls. Kim paints in a pallet of ashy greys and chalky beiges, creating scenes that defy traditional representations of prepubescent female childhood; sugar and spice is replaced with choke-holds and boxing gloves. Kim has exhibited her work extensively including shows at The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago (1996), The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, The Orange County Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego. Kim generously donated a postcard to our November Secret Auction 2017.