Curated by CURA Art

Liza Shapiro and Georgia Powell are the Founders of CURA Art, a company to support collectors, and The Residency aimed at championing collecting with purpose and supporting underrepresented artists. Through the two platforms, the founders have created an environment that is focused on long-term care and legacy. The Residency is a platform aimed at supporting and sponsoring underrepresented artists, centered around time away from their usual routine at various appropriate spaces. The Residency uses a unique approach, creating a supportive ecosystem through mentorship and community, connecting artists with influential patrons as a catalyst for change. Based in London and Los Angeles, CURA Art offers a personal and trusted approach to caring for varied collections, providing specialized services and expertise to ensure that works of art and other precious objects are preserved, managed, and displayed to the highest standards. Using their training in conservation, museum studies, art history and curation, they focus on advising collectors with the management and care of their collections, as well as with their philanthropy and patronage.


Ptolemy Mann • Maggie Williams • Holly Stevenson • Vanessa Da Silva • Hetty Douglas • Precious Opara • Saelia Aparicio Torinos • Rebecca Farr • Pia Pack • Nicola Anthony • Vanessa Garwood • Sarah Karen • Remi Ajani • Clare Shenstone • Gill Button • Alejandra Aristizabal • Manjari Sharma • Sougwen Chung