Curated by Vanessa Murrell

Vanessa Murrell is a curator, writer, and artivist from Spain. She co-founded the art platform DATEAGLE ART (@dateagleart) in 2017, where she has interviewed 200+ emerging artists and curated exhibitions, events, and educational initiatives introducing the works of 100+ artists online and offline. In 2022, she co-founded the curatorial collective YE Collective (@yecollective), creating cultural actions to amplify solidarity against any abuse of power in the postdigital age, became Studio Manager of @sassyli and guest host of @artfictionspodcast. She has received Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants of over 60k in 2019-2021.


Salomé Wu • Ivana de Vivanco • Super Future Kid • Kate Burling • Kora Moya Rojo • Sunyoung Hwang • Alicia Reyes McNamara • Grace Woodcock • Maja Đorđević • Ranny Cooper • Alice Mahoney • Lily Ying Kemp • Alya Hatta • Lulu Wang • Hannah Lim • Fern O’ Carolan • Mia Faithfull • Yage Guo • Zayn Qahtani