Curated by Vittoria Beltrame

Vittoria Beltrame is a curator, writer and advisor. Her practice in curating focuses on emerging artists whose creative talent deserves to be brought to light and be seen worldwide. With her practice Vittoria aims to engage with the exhibition spaces to the fullest, developing thematics that will make the audience fully immerse itself in it — consequently working closely with artists and galleries in order to deeply understand their vision and bring it to fruition. She is highly interested in transhistorical themes, hence her interest and appreciation for a multitude of art movements and artists that she believes reflect timeless forms of talent. After graduating from Christie’s with an MSc in Art, Law and Business she has curated and worked on a number of projects in Central London.


Gal Schindler • Ingrid Berthon-Noine • Nalia Hazell • Roxana Halls • Mia Wilkinson • Harriet Gillett • Rebecca Hardaker • Abi Joy Samuel • Sona Asemani • Rebecca Gilpin • Constance Read • Aoibhin Maguire • Jessica Rose Bird • Isabella Amram • Sarah Hardy • Phoebe Boddy • Cecilia Fiona • Lydia Hamblet • Nooka Shepherd • Manon Steyaert