series 6

Art on a Postcard is marking International Women’s Day 2021 with a celebration of the multiplicities contained in every womanAOAP has invited female identifying artists to respond to an initiative called I AM created by The Hepatitis C Trust Prison Peer Educator Jane Shea. 
Jane feels that the women the Trust works with are too often referred to as ‘an addict’ or ‘a prisoner’ and feels strongly that no one is one dimensional and furthermore it is the multiplicities in women that bind us together. A publication created to support the initiative was distributed among the women the Trust serve with a space to list the things they identify as being, without judgment or justification. One might be an addict, but they could also be a mathematician, a mother, a lawyer, a nurse and so on.  
The collated responses have been used as an inspiration for the artwork created for the auction by such luminaries as Claudette Johnson known for her large scale paintings of black women; Punjabi, Liverpudlian Dr. Chila Kumari Burman whose joyous work has been adorning the Tate Britain since Diwali; Japanese born, Brooklyn based artist Yui Kugimiya whose work is unique in its use of traditional painting techniques to create quirky stop-motion animations and Antonia Showering whose lockdown year included a White Cube show and representation by Timothy Taylor.  
 Bidding starts at £50
25 Feb – 11 March 2021