Art on a Ukulele

Art on a Ukulele was inspired by Mick Rooney RA's beautifully painted ukulele from the 2016 Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition. Throughout 2017 we curated an orchestra of ukuleles, all painted by well known and loved artists. The ukuleles were showcased at a charity performance with The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain at The Jazz Café hosted by Channel 4’s Jon Snow. Then exhibited at Long and Ryle in South London, accumulating in an auction hosted by Ewbanks, raising a total of £43,000 for The Hepatitis C Trust. 

Fundraising for the Project  

Pam Glew

Daisy Emerson

Emma Russell


Greg Harris

Sara Pope

Six One Six

Zsofia Schweger

In order to cover the costs of the project, we used crowdfunding platform Phundee to raise £6,000. Funders had the chance to win hand painted plectrums by Ben Eine, Pure Evil, Hayden Kays, Shuby, Pam Glew and Sara Pope, to perform with the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, and to enjoy the concert from the comfort of the mezzanine floor at the Jazz Café over a champagne dinner for two.

The Ukuleles

Limited edition prints of the ukuleles can be purchased here

Allen Jones RA - Untitled (on Boat Paddle Concert Ukulele) 2017


Anne Desmet RA - Tudor Rhythms (Lithograph, paper college on Kala Tenor Ukulele) 2017


Charlie Calder-Potts - No End For The Clouds (Pencil, gold leaf and ink on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017


Charles Williams - Monkeylele (on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017


Cathie Pilkington RA - Punctum (Mixed Media, Felt tip, acrylic and oil paint on Boat Paddle Soprano Ukulele) 2017

Chris Orr RA - Untitled (on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017

Lizzie Riches - Untitled (on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017

Linda Sutton - Space Angel, Mars and Exploding Star (Acrylic and gold-leaf on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017

David Inshaw - Untitled (on Soprano Boat Paddle Ukulele) 2017


David Mach RA - Untitled (on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017


David Shillinglaw - Untitled (on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017

Eugenie Vronskaya - Mousai of the North (Oil on gesso, Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017 

Fipsi Seilern - Untitled (on Kala Tenor Ukulele) 2017


George Underwood - You Can Ukulele Tattoo (Oil on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017


Glen Baxter - Untitled (on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017


Jock McFadyen RA - Untitled (Oil on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017


Dave McKean - The King of the Birds (Acrylic on Soprano Boat Paddle Ukulele) 2017

Lisa Wright - Untitled (on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017

Tooney Phillips - Untitled (on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017

PJ Crook MBE - Untitled (on Kala Tenor Ukulele) 2017

Michael Kirkbride - Drawing Studio (Oil on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017

Mick Rooney RA - The Matelots Tale (Oil on wood, Tenor Boat Paddle Ukulele) 2017

Norman Ackroyd CBE RA - Windermere (Etching on Japanese paper, Tenor Boat Paddle Ukulele) 2017

Peter Layzell - Malcolm Lowry he Lived Nightly (Oil on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017


Louis Turpin - The Rye Town Ukulele (on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017

Peter Messer - Welcome to Hell, Here's Your Ukulele (Tempera on Kala Concert Ukulele) 2017

Ramiro Fernandez Saus - Untitled (Oil on Boat Paddle Concert Ukulele) 2017


Exhibition at Long and Ryle

Gemma Peppé, Director of Art on a Postcard says, “This is so much more than a fundraiser for The Hepatitis C Trust, it’s a way to connect with an audience who we would never normally be able to reach. Music and Art are powerful awareness raising tools. A project like this has more impact than thousands of leaflets or an expensive advert. We aim to enrich your soul and educate as many people in the process as possible.”

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