Secret Auction

In Spring 2018 we will be making our debut at The Other Art Fair and taking with us our Secret Auction. We will also be taking our Secret Auction out of London for the first time to Bristol at the end of July again with The Other Art Fair which will take place during Bristol’s Upfest. We will end the year with our fifth standalone Secret Auction which will take place in a central London gallery in November.

Artists who have taken part in previous auctions are Damien Hirst, Harland Miller, Mark Quinn, Gavin Turk Sam Taylor-Johnson, Cecily Brown, Chantal Joffe RA, Michael Craig-Martin RA, Gilbert and George, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Polly Morgan, Rachel Howard, Sir Peter Blake, John Wragg RA, Grayson Perry as well as many other collectable artists and emerging talent.

Submissions are by invitation only. A list of artists is circulated prior to the show. All of the artwork is signed on the reverse and will remain anonymous until after the auction. The fun is in the guessing which card is by who.

To purchase postcard boxsets from our past Secret Auctions click here.

A Selection from 2017 

Marc Standing - The Puppet (Acrylic and collage) 2017

Maggi Hambling CBE RA - Under Water II (Ink and watercolour) 2017

David Harrison - Changeling (Bitumen and oils) 2017

Polly Apfelbaum - Bleeding Hydrenda (Spray) 2017

Martyn Brewster - Study No 1 - 2017 (Acrylic on card) 2017

Harland Miller - Up (Hand finished in oil) 2017

Max Renneisen - Laughing Girl (Oil on paper) 2017

Pippa Gatty - Study 2 (Oil on paper) 2017

Peter Blake - Pop Art (Pen) 2017

Mick Rooney RA - Lost Mermaid (Gouache/tempera on paper) 2017

Patrick Hughes - Two Rainbows (Oil and acrylic) 2017

Catherine Eldridge - Blue Waterfall II (Oil on board) 2017

Ivana De Vivanco - Long Necked Lady (Acrylic on paper) 2017

Sze Yang Boo - The Wasteland (4) (Oil on watercolour paper) 2017

Antony Micallef - Untitled (Charcoal) 2017

Mark Peppe - Tereska 1957 later the artist's wife (Oils) 2017

Janet Archer - Statue (Ink) 2017

Arthur Lanyon - High Horn (Oil and acrylic) 2017

Magnus Gjoen - Well, there's no Monkey on my back (Archival pigment inks on 308gsm cotton rag) 2017

Nici Bungey - The Heart Must Pause I (Acrylic on card) 2017

Dougie Wallace - Well Heeled (Photograph printed on hahnemuhle german etching paper) 2017

Full list of artists: Carrie Reichardt, Kristjana S Williams, Jeremy Deller, Marc Standing, Osch (Otto Schade), Ben Eine, Filippo Minelli, Davi De Melo Santos, Andrew Macara, Mick Rooney RA, Hurvin Anderson, Marj Bond, Amy Feldman, Steven Quinn, Maggi Hambling CBE, Vanessa Jackson RA, Eleanor Breeze, Polly Apfelbaum, Tyler Spangler, Peter Clossick, Nici Bungey, Adham Faramawy, Robert Dukes, Mali Morris RA, Richard Bawden, Stephen Chambers RA, Harriet Horton, Jackie Berridge, Jessica Stockholder, Lois Wallace, Peter Messer, Ceal Warnants, Patrick Hughes, Day Bowman, Alexander Johnson, Robert James Clarke, David Oates, Alicia Rothman, Susie Hamilton, David Harrison, Melissa Scott-Miller, Alex Williams, Catherine Eldridge, Michael Cox, Boo Mitford, Orla Egan, Virginia Verran, Adam Dix, Julie De Bastion, Carol Hodder, Andrew J Millar, Bobbie Russon, Eduardo Terrazas, Lily Mixe, Martyn Brewster, Narbi Price, June Berry, Carol Correll, Alex Jorgensen, Agathe De Bailliencourt, Sarah Shaw, Benjamin Murphy, Kate Sherman, Alison Pilkington, Hayden Kays, Brian Neish, Dougie Wallace, David Harrison, Seren Bell, Sara Pope, Deborah Batt, Andrew Bird, Rebecca Salter RA, Francis Boag, Jessica Albarn, Adam Bridgland, Jonas Burgert, Chris Heads, Georgia Peskett, Duncan Grant, Mit Senoj, Plum Neasmith, Marion Archer, Steven Marshall, Lukasz Stoklosa, David Bray, Peggy Cozzi, Johan Bjorkegren, Arthur Lanyon, Mandy Payne, Gail Brodholt, James Faure Walker, Sarah Jack, Latisha Rose, Frank Fischer, Johanna Stickland, Carys Evans, Frea Buckler, Henrietta Dubrey, Joe Webb, Lesley Oldaker, Fiona Bradford, Rosie Emerson, John Crossley, Michael Kirkbride, Daisy Cook, Peter Blake, Amy May George, Adam Koukoudakis, Dominic Myatt, Laurence Noga, Pippa Gatty, David Kiely, Ray Richardson, Mike Swaney, Twinkle Troughton, Tom Wilmott, Louise Mcnaught, Pam Glew, Oliver Marsden, Ivana De Vivanco, Shezad Dawood, Karen Thomas, Brigitte Parusel, Magnus Gjoen, J.F.K Turner, Paul Newman, Justin Virdi, Max Renneisen, Jacqueline van der Plaat, Sze Yang Boo, Janet Archer, Tooney Phillips, Carl Moore, Maurice R. Shepphard, Russell Marshall, Natsko Seki, Toby Ward, Gavin Turk, James Bland Neal, Dan Baldwin, Ian Beck, Eliza Southwood, Richard LeVine, David Wightman, Martin Yeoman, Mark Peppe, Jessica Wilson, Katie Commodore, Sage Vaughn, Antony Micallef, Matthew Krishanu, Tim Ellis, Ally McIntyre, Simon Mathewson, Andrew Salgado, Allison Gildersleeve, Alex Hanna, Rowan Newton, Tom Palin, Brian Clarke, Jorunn Mulen, Neil Massey, Nick JS Thompson, Hideki Arichi, Harland Miller, Rugman and Remi Rough.

Previous years

Boo Mitford - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (House Paint on Board) 2016

Anita Klein - Angel Thinking (Linocut) 2016

Nicholas Blanning - Gwithian, Night Study 2 (Oil) 2016 

Ivana De Vivanco - Aparición Prehispánica (Acrylic) 2016

Deborah Batt - Untitled (Acrylic and pen) 2016

Harland Miller - Who Cares Wins (Painting on Gicleé Print, Unique work) 2015

Grayson Perry - Transvestite on Bicycle (Shit(sic) felt pens) 2016

Steven Marshall - P.C.Three (Enamel on card) 2016

Levalet - Infinite Distance (Ink and pencil on paper) 2016

Kim Dingle - Untitled (Oil) 2016

Bob and Roberta Smith - What Unites Human Beings (Pen and pencil) 2016

David Shrigley - It's OK (Acrylic) 2015 

John Wragg RA - Untitled (Acrylic) 2015 

David Shillinglaw - A Piece of my Mind (Watercolour and pen) 2015

Virginia Verran - Speed (Water colour, pigment pens and pencil with collaged elements) 2015

Pippa Blake - Shadowland II (Chalk and graphite) 2015

Rachel Howard - Murder or Suicide? (Indian ink on paper) 2015

Scarlett Carlos Clarke - Untitled (Photography) 2015

Mali Morris RA - Rivoli Detail (Reds) (Silk screen and paint on 300gsm Somerset velvet) 2017

Donna McLean - Luther Road (Oil on card) 2015

Rebecca Salter RA - Untitled (Watercolour on Japanese paper) 2015

Schoony - Reflector (Printed on hand made paper) 2015

Twinkle Troughton - The Frogs Who Desired a King I (Acrylic and collage) 2015


Julian Opie - Untitled (Screenprint with hand painting) 2015

Hayden Kays - Life and Death (Pen) 2015

Tinsel Edwards - Lightbulb (Oil paint) 2015

Carl Moore - Bunny Hedgehog Dripster (Giclee prints from digital works) 2015

Gavin Turk - RKI (Pencil and crayon) 2015

Chantal Joffe - Untitled (Watercolour) 2015

Hayden Kays - Look Into My Love (Ink and typewriter) 2016

Harriet Horton - Suzanne and I (Taxidermy house sparrows, 2mm glass, oxidised copper, blue marble, 8mm ice blue neon lighting) 2015

Gilbert & George - The Banners (Pen) 2015

Vanessa Gardiner - Pentargon (Pencil and acrylic) 2015

Damien Hirst - Untitled (Pen on paper) 2014

Harland Miller - High on Hope 2014

Jake & Dinos Chapman - Untitled (Pen on paper) 2015

Cecily Brown - Untitled 2014

Michael Craig-Martin - Untitled 2014

Deborah MacMillan - Night Swimmer 1 (Watercolour and gouache) 2016

2016 full list of artists: Adam Bridgland, Adam Dix, Adam Koukoudakis, Alex Hanna, Alexander Johnson, Alice Leach, Alicia Rothman, Alison Pilkington, Allison Gildersleeve, Alison Sandford, Amy May George, Anastasya Martynova, Andre Pace, Andrew Galbraith, Anita Klien, Anoushka Havinden, Augustine and Bridgland, Becky Allen, Ben Oakley, Benjamin Murphy, Blake Daniels, Bob & Roberta Smith, Boo Mitford, Boo Sze Yang, Brad Downey, Brian Neish, Byzantia Harlow, Carl Moore, Carol Corell, Carol Hodder, Carys Evans, Ceal Warnants, Charles Thompson, Charlotte MacMillian, Chechu Alava, Chowwai Cheung, Chris Dawson, Daisy Cook, Dan McDermott, Dan Baldwin, Damien Hirst, David Bray, David Brian Smith, David Harkins, David Lock, Day Bowman, Dean Fox, Deborah Batt, Deborah MacMillan, Deirdre Hyde, Diana Anghel, Diego Cirulli, Donna McLean, Dougie Wallace, Dr Darren Udaiyan, Duncan Grant, Edward Kelly, Eelus, Ehryn Torrell, Eleanor Macnair, Eliza Southwood, Enzo Marra, Fin DAC, Fiona Eastwood, Fionn Wilson, Frances Aviva Blane, Frank Fischer, Freya Purdue, Geoffrey Winston, Georgia Peskett, Georgina Allen, Giacomo Brunelli, Gideon Pain, Gilbert & George, Grayson Perry, Greg Rook, Guy Denning, Harland Miller, Harriet Horton, Henrietta Dubrey, Henrietta Paine, Hayden Kays, Hideki Arichi, Inkie, Ivana de Vivanco, Jamie Shovlin, Jane Kelly, Janet Archer, Jasmine Surreal, Jessica Stockholder, Jessica Wilson, Jessica Albarn, Jimmy Mezei, Jirapat Tatsanasomboon, Jochen Gerz, John Kørner, John Wragg, John MacLean, J.X. Coudrille SWAC, Joyce Kozloff, Julie Umerle, Kate Sherman, Katie Commodore, Ken Grant, Ken Howard RA, Kim Baker, Kim Dingle, Kirsty O’Leary-Leeson, Levalet, Lukasz Stoklosa, Lois Wallace, Maggi Hambling CBE, Mandy Payne, Mark Peppé, Marc Freeman, Marion Archer, Mark D, Martyn Brewster, Matthew David Smith, Matthew Krishanu, Max Renneisen, Meirion Ginsberg, Melanie Miller, Melissa Scott-Miller, Mhairi McGregor, Michael Fanta, Mick Rooney RA, Mike Ballard, Mit Senoj, Nadine Talalla, Natalie Dowse, Nathan Jones, Natsko Seki, Neil McNally, Neil Pittaway, Nicholas Blanning, Nicholas Middleton, Nicholas Pace, Nici Bungey, Nick Bridson Baker, Nicholas Hely Hutchinson, Nicola Stäglich, N.S. Harsha, Oliver Jeffers, Oliver Marsden, Otto D’Ambra, Patrick Hughes, Paul Critchley, Paul Insect, Paul Newman, Peter Blake RA, Phil Illingworth, Phil Shaw (MARCA), Philip Sutton RA, Pippa Blake, Pippa Gatty, Plum Neasmith, Polly Apfelbaum, Pure Evil, Rachel McDonnell, Rachel Tighe, Ray Richardson, Rebecca McLynn, Rebecca Salter RA, Remi Rough, Robert Dukes, Robert Fry, Robert James Clark, Romina Ressia, Rosie Emerson, Rowan Newton, Russell Marshall, Scarlett Carlos Clarke, Schoony, Sean Williams, Sequin Kay, Simon Carter, Simon Mathewson (3D Cubes), Stephen Farthing RA, Steven Marshall, Steven Quinn, Stuart Pearson Wright, Stuart Semple, Susie Hamilton, Terry Greene, The Singh Twins, Tim Ellis, Tim Noble, Tinsel Edwards, Toby Ross-Southall, Tom Beard, Tom French, Toni Cogdell, Tooney Phillips, Trevor Price, Trudy Montgomery, Twinkle Troughton, Tyler Stone, Vanessa Gardiner, Wendy Elia, Xenz and Zachary Beer.
2015 full list of artists: Adam Newton, Alex Cree, Alice Leach, Alicia Rothman, Alison Boult, Andre Salgado, Andrew Lansley, Andrew MacIntosh, Anita Klein, Anna Gardiner, Annie Mackin, Archie Franks, Becky Allen, Bella Howard, Ben Oakley, Benjamin Murphy, Bob & Roberta Smith, Carl Moore, Carol Hodder, Carol Robertson, Carys Evans, Ceal Warnants, Chantal Joffe, Charlotte MacMillan, Claire Scully, Clinton Hayden, Corol Roberston, Daisy Cook, Dan Lewis, Daniel Mernagh, Danielle Hodson, Danny O'Conner, David Andrew, David Bray, David Moore, David Shillinglaw, David Shrigley, Deborah Batt, Deborah MacMillan, Dion Salvador Lloyd, Donna McLean, Dougie Wallace, Ellie Geary, Erin Smith, Gavin Turk, George Little, Georgia Peskett, Georgina Allen, Gilbert and George, Harland Miller, Harriet Horton, Hayden Kays, Helen Green, Helen Warren, Ian Francis, Inkie, Jack Pearce, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Jane Bustin, Jane Rye, Janet Archer, Jason Brown, Jason Lamb, Jasper Joffe, Jean Samtula, Jennifer Binnie, Jenny Maxwell, Jeremy Deller, Jessica Jane Charlton, Jessica Wilson, John Hobbs, John Maclean, John Wragg RA, Julian Opie, Juliet Simpson, Kate Sherman, Lauren Baker, Lois Wallace, Louise Stebbing, Luciana Meazza, Lucy du Sautoy, Lucy Sparrow, Luke McLean, Mandy Payne, Marion Archer, Mark Peppe, Mark Powell, Melanie Miller, Melissa Scott-Miller, Melvin Galopon, Micheal Craig Martin, Mick Rooney RA, Natso Seki, Neil Pittaway, Nicholas Blanning, Nici Bungey, Nick Bridson Baker, Nick J S Thompson, Patrick Gildersleeves, Patrick Wilkins, Paul Regan, Peter Blake, Piers Butler, Pippa Blake, Polly Morgan, Rachel Howard, Ray Richardson, Rebecca James, Rebecca Mclynn, Rebecca Salter, Rennie Pilgrem, Richard Spare, Rita Barros, Robert James Clarke, Robert Verrill, Rodney Peppe, Rosie Emerson, Rosie Irvine, Rowan Newton, Rozalina Burkova, Russell Marshall, Ruth Philo, Ryca, Scarlett Carlos Clarke, Schoony, Six One Six, Stephen Chambers RA, Steven Quinn, Stuart Semple, Susan Aldworth, Susan Howells, Swifty, Tinsel Edwards, Tom Beard, Tom Palin, Tomas Harker, Tony Noble, Tooney Philips, Trevor Sutton, Tristan Piggot, Twinkle Troughton, Vanessa Gardiner, Vincent Hawkins, Virginia Verran, William Blanchard, Wurstbande and Xenz.
2014 full list of artists: Abbi Allen, Adam Dix, Agent Provcateur, Alan Stanners, Alex Fox, Alex Gough, Alex N Stewart, Alexis Harding, Alice Llewellyn, Amy Gadney, Andrew Lumsden, Ann Dowker, Anna Burns, Anne Davey Orr, Anthea Toorchen, Anthony Easton, Ashley Scott Fitzgerald, Barbarara Hoogewegen, Beatrix Ong, Ben Allen, Ben Moore, Benjamin Murphy, Cairn Griffiths, Carlos Martyn Burgos, Carolyn Blake, Catherine Cleary, Charlotte MacMillan, China Mike (Mike Carr), Chloe Chow, Christos Tolera, Claire Hartigan, Clare Mitten, Claude Vergez, Claudia Carr, Constantine Vraziotis, Copy Right (Chris), Cora Leader, Cosmo Sarson, Damien Hirst, Dan McDermott, Daniel Sparkes, David Shillinglaw, David Walker, Dean Zeus Colman, Deborah MacMillan, DENISE HAWRYSIO, Dougie Wallace, Ellie Mawby, Emily Phillips, esek_one, Estelle Thompson, Fipsi Seilern, Frankie Stone, Gabrielle Stevens, Gavin Turk, Georgia Keeling, Gilbert and George, Giles Curties, Grayson Perry, Hannah Hewetson, Hannah Maybank, Harland Miller, Hayden Kays, Helen Gougeon, Hugo Farmer, Imogen Reid, Inkie, Ismini Bonatsou, Jack Delaney, Jack Spencer-Ashworth, Jane Kidston, Jane MacEwen, Jane Rye, Janet Archer, Jean Luc Almond, Jentje Knuppe, Jeremy Deller, Jessica Cox, Jinyu Li, Jo Peel, Jo Brown, Jocelyn Bain Hogg, John McClean, Jon & Katherine, Jordan Stewart, Julian Brown, Keith Hopewell, Kirtland Ash, Laima Vanaga, Laura Traver, Laura Wilson, Lauren Baker, Linda Heathcoat-Amory, Linda Scott, Liza Campbell, Lorraine Fossi, Lucinda Rogers, Lucy Temple, Lya Nagado, Marc Quinn, Marcus Walters, Maria Christoforatou, Maria von Thurn & Taxis, Marinon Archer, Mark McClure, Mark Peppe, Mark Powel, Mark Wigan Williams, Martha Fein, Martin Wilner, Matt Castleton (45 RPM), Matt Sewell, Michael Slusakowicz, Mike (Ox lease), Mike Redmond, Millo, Minako Nakada, Minnie Weisz, Mr Hush, Mrs Jones (Fee Doran), Nathan Anthony Taylor, Neal Tait, Nesta FitzGerald Nic Barlow, NICK FOX FOX, Nicky Bell, Nina Gehl, Norman Anderson (Normski), O Two, Oliver Lee Terry, Ollie Silvester, Oscar Peake, Pallas Citroen, Patricia Swannell, Paul Coldwell, Paul Simonon, Pernilla Iggstrom, Pete Fowler, Phil Ashcroft, Phoebe Ingleby, Piers Butler, Piers Jackson, Polly Morgan, Pure Evil, Rachelle Allen-Sherwood, Randy Klein, Rebecca Glover, Rebecca Lefevre, Rebecca Salter, Remi Rough, Richard Starbuck, Rik Brooks (Riks), Rob Clarke (126), Rob Holyhead, Rodney Peppe, Rupert Bathurst, Ruth Goddard, RYCA, Sam McEwan, Sam McEwen, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Samuel Windett, Sarah Hiscox, Sarah Lederman, Scott Blaser, Sebastian May, Sharon Bennett, Sharon Elphick, Shaun SP, Sheina Macbeth, Simon Tiszco (Stuart), Sista Pratesi, Smriti Sangal, Solange Azagury Partridge, Sophie de Stempel, Sophie Molins, Stuart Elliot, SWIFTY, Tahira Mandarino, Takero Shimazaki, Takyuki Hara, Tara Darby, Tianchen WANG, Tinsel Edwards, Tom Edward Robson, Tom Gallant, Tristan, Schoony, Valerie Gladwin Montgomery, Vassilis Botoulas, Vassilis Karakatsanis, Vicky, Vincent Black, Whitney McVeigh, Will Barras, Xenz, Rowan Newton, Sarah Stitt and Tooney Phillips.