Summer Auction 2024

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Art on a Postcard (AOAP) is thrilled to have two influential curators, Hector Campbell and Susan Davis, who have curated a remarkable collection for our summer auction. Hector Campbell, an Art Historian, writer, and co-founder of Soup Gallery, has brought in a selection of cutting-edge contemporary artists, many of whom are making their AOAP debut. Our second curator, Susan Davis, has connected galleries, artists and collectors with her Art City Works (ACW) initiative, making art more accessible, championing emerging artists and promoting charitable initiatives. And as with all our auctions, Art on a Postcard has also curated a superb selection of current international artists. 


The money raised will support The Hepatitis C Trust’s program to improve prison health, including increasing screening and treatment rates for viruses such as hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and HIV. The Trust has worked in prisons for over a decade, tested over 46,000 people, and engaged almost 150,000 in outreach and education programs since 2019. Expanding the program to support wider health, including preventing heart disease and cancer, is a crucial priority for 2024. 


Hector’s highlights include rising star George Rouy, who recently featured in Hauser and Wirth’s major show, Present Tense, which showcased the best of upcoming British contemporary art. Mallorcan artist Gori Mora delves into how technology and social media shape and intensify love, sexual desire, and queerness. Italian artist Nina Silverberg hones in on everyday objects – from books to furniture – to explore where our inner and outer worlds meet.  


Special mention from Susan’s auction goes to British/Nigerian artist Kemi Onabulé, whose work reflects the current state of the world, marked by economic instability, environmental degradation, and shifts in societal norms.  Vermont-born Genevieve Cohen who ‘has said my paintings acknowledge and reflect a world where female power is derived from collaboration, self-endowed agency and connection with the natural world’. Since his debut solo presentation at Patrick Davies Contemporary Art in 2021, British artist Will Fice has gained recognition as a promising emerging artist to watch.  


Art on a Postcard’s roster includes American artist Jeremy Olson, who currently has a show at Unit, London. Rebekah Rubalcava who is a self-taught oil painter. Her art probes her subconscious dream world, revealing personal symbolism, intrusive thoughts, romanticised experiences, and highly emotional narratives. Almine Rech represented artist John McAllister, for whom the influences of French masters such as Matisse, Bonnard, or Braque during his fauvist period reveal his obsession with the spectral qualities of light and its capture. Lastly, Jennifer Lee creates lifelike paintings based on images she finds online, transforming everyday objects into emotionally evocative works of art. 


I am delighted to be collaborating with Gemma and the team at Art on a Postcard for their upcoming summer auction. I have long been a fan of the organisation and the excellent work they do to support not only The Hepatitis C Trust but also the national artistic ecosystem more broadly. It has been a pleasure to bring together a group of artists and friends to contribute to the upcoming auction, many of whom are working with Art on a Postcard for the first time. - Hector Campbell

Participating Artists A-Z

Albie Romero • Alfie Rouy • Alia Hamaoui • Alison Dollery • Alison Friend • Anna Clegg • Anna Gibson • Araminta Blue • Archie Franks • Ashleigh May Thompson • Ashley Amery • Athen Kardashian and Nina Mhach Durban • Ben Spiers • Billy Fraser • Brian DeGraw • Cathleen Clarke • Colette Lavette • Dennis Scholl • Divine Southgate-Smith • Eleni Papazoglou • Elliot Fox • Fergal Styles • Flora Bradwell • George Rouy • Genevieve Cohn • Gori Mora • Grace Lee • Hattie Malcomson • Holly Warburton • India Nielsen • Ivo Morrison • Iwan Lewis • J Cirro Thomas • Jack Evans • Jacqueline Utley • James Lomax • Jelly Green • Jennifer J. Lee • Jeremy Olsen • Jhonatan Pulido • Jim Threapleton • John McAllister • Joshua Petker • Kaja Stumpf • Kemi Onabule • Kyveli Zoi • Lian Zhnag • Lily Snowden-Fine • Louise Reynolds • Lucas Dupuy • Lucy Luckovich • Lucy Neish • Lyle Perkins • Marguerite Piard • Matilda Sutton • Matthew Clifton • Megan Menzies • Melania Toma • Miko Veldkamp • Mitch Vowles • Moira Frith • Natalia González Martín • Nina Silverberg • Okiki Akinfe • Olivia Kemp • Orla Kane • Paul Treasure • Raphael Greaves • Rebecca Sammon • Rebekah Rubalcava • Robert Mead • Sammi Lynch • Selby Hi • Stella Griffiths-Lynch • Steven He • Studio SPF • Sujin Lee • Talia Golchin • Will Fice • Yulia Iosilzon • Zach Toppin

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The Bomb Factory Art Foundation was established in 2015 by artist  Pallas Citroen  at our inaugural location in Archway. 

Driven by a vision to create an organisation that supports the creation and development of art spaces that support artists and offer the audience a more inclusive experience. The conviction that art enriches society in transformative ways gave Pallas the impetus to embark on this journey to not only create a vibrant gallery and studio space but also a thriving artistic community.

The original site of the Bomb Factory Art Foundation is situated within a Victorian warehouse in Archway, North London. Its historical significance traces back to its role as a munitions factory during the Second World War, where it was involved in the production of bombs. The Bomb Factory building stands out as one of the few structures in London that remained unscathed during the war, symbolising the enduring resilience of the arts amidst upheaval and hardship.

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