Frequently Asked Questions

The Other Art Fair Bristol 

How many cards are donated by each artist?

Each artist is sent a pack containing three blank postcards, the artist decides whether they donate one or to up four pieces. The list of participating artists can be seen HERE

How does the ‘secret’ element work? 

All the artwork can be seen on our website. A list of the contributors’ names will be circulated before the sale but the work will be anonymous until the auction has ended. 

How big is the artwork? 

Postcard size, A6, 10x15cms.

Are the postcards originals or prints?

The artworks are a mixture of original pieces and hand finished prints. The medium for each piece is stated on our website HERE.

Is all the artwork signed?

All of the pieces are signed on the reverse.

Where can I see the artwork ahead of The Other Art Fair?

All of the artwork can be seen on our website HERE along with their lot number, title and medium. 

Where will they be exhibited?

The artwork will be on show on Stand 12, The Other Art Fair, The Passenger Shed, Station Approach, Bristol BS1 6QH between 26th – 29th July 2018. Find out more and get 50% off The Other Art Fair tickets with the code ‘AOAP50' HERE.

How can I bid in the auction?

The auction will be hosted by Ewbank’s at 1:30pm on the 29th July at The Other Art Fair, Stand 12. People must register to take part and will be able to bid both online and in person. Register HERE.

When will I know what artist produced which artwork?

Following the auction we will release a list on our website linking each artist to their work.  

When will I receive my purchased artwork?

Please allow up to three weeks following the auction for artwork to be posted.