Winter Auction 2021

The largest Art on a Postcard Winter Auction to date will take place this November, in celebration of twenty years of The Hepatitis C Trust. This marks the seventh edition of the Art on a Postcard auction and culminates their celebration of twenty successful years raising awareness for the illness, supporting those living with it and taking key steps towards its eradication. For this edition 250 artists, including Ryan Mosely, Petra SchottLisbeth Mitty and Hurvin Anderson, have created approximately 550 unique, mini postcard masterpieces. The Art on a Postcard auction is an essential and innovative fundraising tool, forming a key pillar of The Hepatitis C Trust’s annual operations.
This auction sees the return of Art on a Postcard’s loyal contributors including Royal Academician Mick Rooney, whose imaginative story paintings explore inner mythologies, neurosis, dreams and the secrets of modern society. His commissioned works include a wall mosaic for a new Basilica in Nazareth, Israel and a painting in honour of The Financial Times centenary in 1988.British painter Peter Messer who uses his native Lewes as a backdrop his sometimes-supernatural metaworld, full of ghostly figures at windows or lurking in trees and always against a Sussex wall absorbed into an everyday setting. Deborah Batt whose work lies in between abstract and representational has also created a piece for the auction. Deborah has said her work ‘comes originally from the idea of community. The towns and structures we build and the way we shape and neglect the natural and urbanised landscape. In my pictures there is a melancholy a trace of something already lost and I try to recapture that moment in time’.
For this exciting edition, new artists have joined the auction including Hurvin Anderson, Petra Schott, and Lisbeth Mitty. Hurvin Anderson is a painter born in Birmingham to Jamaican parents; his vibrant works utilise the genres of still-life, landscape, and portraiture to explore representations of community and identity. He uses layered paintings and prints to touch upon his Jamaican heritage and the places, and spaces that are central to his communities. German painter Petra Schott creates semi-abstracted colourscapes which aim to bring viewers back to internal and existential questions plus Sheffield based artist Ryan Mosely whose narrative style of painting was including in The Whitechapel's show Painting in the New MillenniumNew York based painter Lizbeth Mitty’s body of work — described by New York Times critic Ken Johnson as a combination of “painterly verve and hellish beauty” — has long been concerned with examining and amplifying the intrinsic abstract beauty of deteriorating or overlooked corners of urban architecture and interiors.
Special thanks to Mark Peppé for having contributed to every Winter auction since 2014 and producing such beautiful and memorable artworks.   These artists, among many others, will each create a handmade, postcard scale mini-masterpiece for auction, with all proceeds going to The Hepatitis C Trust.        
The auction will take place 4th– 25th November 2021 
Please register to bid via Auction Collective.

Episode 1: Iris Schomaker

Meet Berlin-based artist, Iris Schomaker, fresh from her show at Huxley Parlour! Iris discusses living and working in Berlin, being married to an artist, and her creative process. 

"These figures are in a very private situation usually, they are not representing something, they are very often barefoot, they are in a situation where they feel sheltered, they don't have to represent the end it's not about being a man or a woman, but more about being human." - Iris Schomaker, on her works

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The Hepatitis C Trust is the national charity for people with hepatitis C. It is a patient-led and patient-run organisation; most of its board, staff and volunteers have had hepatitis C themselves. It is committed to eliminating hepatitis C in the UK by 2025. Its strategy is based around pillars of better prevention, increased diagnosis and treatment for all.

It has established strong partnership models of working with substance misuse and homeless service providers across the UK. In substance misuse services, it delivers staff training, peer led education about the importance of testing and availability of new treatments, and personal one-to-one support from initial diagnosis through to treatment. It runs a range of support services, including a confidential national helpline run by staff and trained volunteers who have all had personal experience of living with hepatitis C.      

Helpline staff also provide patient-centred responses via email and run a designated prison freephone helpline service for prisoners across the UK. Its policy and parliamentary team works across the UK Parliament and the devolved nations to ensure hepatitis C stays firmly on the political agenda. It also publishes a range of reports and resources on aspects of the hepatitis C care pathway.     

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Please do not bid on artwork in our Art on a Postcard auctions if you intend on selling the artwork after you have purchased it. This auction has been organised for charity and all artworks have been generously donated by the artists to raise money for The Hepatitis C Trust. When the work produced for the charity is sold on the secondary market it damages our relationship with the artist and prevents us from fundraising.