Lot 369 - Maisie Cowell - The Kiss
Lot 369 - Maisie Cowell - The Kiss

Lot 369 - Maisie Cowell - The Kiss

Acrylic and Aquarelle Pencil on Paper

Maisie Cowell is a London based Illustrator whose work explores anxiety, loneliness, dysfunctional relationships and absurdity. The majority of her work consists of Illustration works and large scale acrylic paintings, though she also writes comics, narrative and humour being an incredibly important part of her work. “It’s a bit masochistic, I think sometimes my work is a bit of an exercise in poking fun at the things I don’t really want to admit about myself” 


Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Kingston University in 2017, graduated from an Illustration BA at Brighton University in 2020. 

Exhibited at Brighton Illustration Fair (BIF) 2018 & 2019 
Boing Node at Brighton Fishing Quarter Gallery 2019 
Mitigating Circumstances (Online Graduate Show) 2020 
Featured on It's Nice That's extended graduates list 2020. 


About the Postcards 

I think this year has been very isolating, and I find a lot of catharsis through my work, so I wanted to explore the idea of loneliness, and kind of make fun of my own fears of being alone. I think humour is a really important tool in dealing with loneliness, and theres something about the melodrama of anxiety and despair that I think is rather wonderful and funny in itself.