Lot 376 - Villain - Queen of Clubs
Lot 376 - Villain - Queen of Clubs

Lot 376 - Villain - Queen of Clubs

Giclee on Card

Villain worked in the Fashion Industry for 20 years as a Hollywood Stylist, Print designer and Creative Director. After getting away with it for so many years they launched as an Artist in 2018. Bridging the gap between fashion, graphic design and pop art, Villain presents works that view popular culture through a queer lens.  

His first residency at London's notorious Balans restaurant "Retrosexual" an exploration of modern LGBTQ issues explored through vintage imagery, was initially scheduled for four weeks, it ran for a year. 
Their second solo show "Fantabuloso" at Hackneys's Atom Gallery was a study of 'Polari', the secret queer gay language of the 20th Century and vintage comic book covers, presenting a world where homosexuality had never been criminalised. Fantabuloso went on to exhibit at "Kapow" the Duovision arts curated show alongside artists such as Dougie Fields and Whitaker Malem. 

Villain is has recently completed works for the HOA-House of Androgyny performance group and is plotting his next show "Re-animated" - a twisted exploration of iconic animated tropes. 

Surrey Institute of Art and Design B.A. Hons Fashion. 

"Retrosexual" 2018/2019 - Balans Soho 
"Fantabuloso" 2019 Atom Gallery London 
"Super F*£king Gay" 2019 Orbital Gallery London 
"Kapow" 2020 Potteries Museum Staffordshire 
Represented by the ATOM Gallery, Hackney, London 


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"QUEEN" an alternative deck of cards revealing the true identities of some of your favourite gambling icons. Poker? I hardly know her.