Lot 380 - Chica Seal - The All Seeing
Lot 380 - Chica Seal - The All Seeing

Lot 380 - Chica Seal - The All Seeing

Oil on Paper

Born,1991 Lisbon, Portugal. Chica grew up in London, then later Sussex. After working in London as a studio assistant and a fine artist for 6 years, she has recently moved to Somerset where she has a studio. 
2010-11 Falmouth Art School, Foundation Diploma 
2013-15 Brighton University, Fine Art PaintingWomens Aid Auction by Bertson Bhattacharjee, London, 2021 
Kindness, curated by Leo Babsky in aid of Chasing the Sigma, one day event for World mental heath day, Oct 2020 
A dream is not a dream, Virtual exhibition curated by Purslane Art, July 2020 
Show of Support, Virtual Exhibition raising money for Women’s Aid + more, May 2020 
Curated for COVID, Virtual Exhibition curated by Rachael Neale + Beth Rodway, raising money for Mind Charity, 2020 
Twilight of the Idols, Alice Black Gallery, London, January 2020 
A Fish Wives Tale, London, 2019 
Modern Miniaturists, curated by Partnership Editions, London, 2018 
Desert Island, Group show, Southgate Studios, London, 2018 


About the Postcards 

The three postcards correlate to the work I am currently making in the studio. Focussing on the exploration of a new landscape, understanding the pastoral and lyrical history of an area. These works contain recurring themes and narratives, looking at the history in literature and imagery of women walking alone. Whilst also being interested in the false reality we see through our phones which can transport us anywhere and we can easily miss the fast details which occur around us whilst our head is down.