Lot 393 - James Owens - Holding onto her love in the soil
Lot 393 - James Owens - Holding onto her love in the soil

Lot 393 - James Owens - Holding onto her love in the soil

Watercolour on Paper

James Owens’ (B. 1995) work depicts imagined folk-like scenes, largely inspired by his upbringing spent between the countryside and a Yorkshire fisherman’s village. His work gathers past, present and imagined scenes to form new narratives, blurring the boundaries between memory and contemplation. The works offer moments of liminality which draw from external visual references such as 1920/30’s Disney animation. Nature and its mysteries also come to play, revealed through flowers which sway sinisterly and knowing eyes which seem to have it all sussed out. Meanwhile, curling blades of grass peer curiously across the canvas, weighed down by water droplets, drooping as though upset. Though inherently figurative, it isn’t hard to feel like nature has the upper hand in Owens’ works. 


2016 - 2018
 BA Illustration
Camberwell College of Arts (UAL) 
2015 - 2016 
BA Illustration and Visual Media
London College of Communication (UAL)  
2014 - 2015 
Foundation Diploma in Art and Design London College of Communication (UAL) 2021 
Bloodroot, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh  
Spring Fling, All Mouth Gallery, London 
What I See I Will Never Tell, Wilder Gallery, London 
Safe As Milk, Arusha Gallery, Edinburgh 
’07’, PM/AM Gallery, online exhibition  
When Shit Hits the Fan Again, Guts Gallery, virtual exhibition via Instagram 
Curated for Christmas, All Mouth & Bowes Parris Gallery, London 
Delphian Open Call 2020, virtual exhibition 
Cellar Door, APT Gallery, London [postponed] 
Tender Kith, 155a Gallery, London 
Hung Up, All Mouth Gallery, The Hackney Tub, London 
In Response, The Viewing Room Gallery, Blue Shop Cottage, London  
Anti Freeze, The Viewing Room Gallery, virtual exhibition  
Curated for Covid, online exhibition 
When Shit Hits the Fan, Guts Gallery, virtual exhibition via Instagram 
Winter Fair, 155a Gallery, London 
Pop-up Exhibition, Partnership Editions, Islington Square, London  
Evening Standard Art Prize (shortlisted), National Gallery, London  
Modernist Miniaturists, Benk + Bo, London  
Affordable Art Fair (Battersea) recent graduates show, London 
Oh, What a Tangled Web we Weave, Take Courage Gallery, London 


About the Postcards 

These works are imagined scenes inspired by films, life and memory. Watercolour on paper works act as a preparatory method used to conjure up ideas for larger works on canvas. So these become the most raw form of a new work; experimenting with dry brushstrokes and pools of colour to create a semi abstracted flow to the painting.