Lot 394 - Euan Roberts - Geezer
Lot 394 - Euan Roberts - Geezer

Lot 394 - Euan Roberts - Geezer

Acrylic paint on Paper

Euan Roberts is a Hastings-based artist whose work focuses on imparting a feeling of optimism, hope or joy onto the viewer. His art is often upbeat in terms of colour, subject matter and composition, but can carry equally unsettling messages. 
"I want my pictures to be visual mantras for the viewer. Lifting them up, dusting them down and telling them to keep going."  
Euan's work aims to portray something that is simultaneously amusing, profound and nonsensical. He want people to see the joy he gets from making the art within the results and aims to inspire people to pick up a paintbrush and make something themselves. Something he believes is far more meaningful than just selling something. 
He is regarded as one of the most exciting young artists to emerge from the ‘Instagram’ generation, having had three sold out solo exhibitions in London and Brighton. 


About the Postcards 

Sharks are misunderstood. They are highly tuned, prehistoric Roll Royces of the sea. we should stop messing up their home. 

Crabs are natures good guys. Bottom feeder minding their own business. This crab loves to party and who can blame him really?  

While the bear? Yeah we could all do with floating in the sea drinking wine, right?