Lot 409 - Ilga Leimanis	- Silver Linings, Warrior Clouds
Lot 409 - Ilga Leimanis	- Silver Linings, Warrior Clouds
Lot 409 - Ilga Leimanis	- Silver Linings, Warrior Clouds

Lot 409 - Ilga Leimanis - Silver Linings, Warrior Clouds

Liquid Metal, Ink, Marker, Pastel and Paper on Paper

Ilga Leimanis is a visual artist, educator and author based in London. She studied art history and painting at Concordia University in her native Montreal, Canada and painting and drawing at the Art Academy of Latvia. Ilga works at education institutions such as University of the Arts London and advises companies and organisations internationally in drawing, sketching and creative practice.  
Ilga’s visual arts practice explores contemporary issues of identity, collaboration and inter- disciplinary. In addition to her solo practice, Ilga works collaboratively on two different projects: Ortelius Drew (2008-19) and Architecture of Conversation (2015-present). She is a member of Five Years, and artist-run gallery in London and contributes to its programming.  
Ilga founded Drawn in London, a monthly urban sketching group in 2007. She is the author of Sketching Perspective published by The Crowood Press (2021), three chapters in Creative Sketching Workshop (2015) and co-author of “Drawing as an Inclusive Practice” in Inclusion and Intersectionality in Visual Arts Education (2019). 

2020 Around and Around, Copper Beech Café North Dulwich, London, UK 
2019 Excess All Areas, Five Years, London, UK. 
2017 Rooted in Limbo, Five Years, London, UK. 
2015 Bang Your Head: Architecture of Conversation, Five Years, London, UK. (Architecture of Conversation)  
2014 popUp & popOFF, flutter_, London, UK. (Ortelius Drew) 
2012 A Plotted Affair, A Collaboration with Rochelle Fry, Five Years, London, UK. (Ortelius Drew) 
2009 Profiles: Friendship in the Digital Age, Gallery Istaba, with interdisciplinary seminar at e-text-textiles, Riga, Latvia.  
2008 Take Off, Dokhuis Gallery, Amsterdam. (Ortelius Drew) 


About the Postcards 


Silver Linings, Warrior Clouds (2021) 

This new body of work builds on two previous series: ‘Excess All Areas’ (2019) where I was interested in exploring excess: overflowing vessels pour forth their contents and offer a vehicle to visualise the rhythm and energy of overflow and inundation. ‘Around and Around’ (2020) was an attempt to visualise journeys into and across slippery spaces. 
This new work returns to representation, these are recognisably clouds, their volumes punctured with slivers of paper woven into and through the surface. I see these slivers as dynamic lines, swords or daggers: ready to fight, but they can also been seen as mending a whole, the holding together of both sides of the cloud. The clouds and their silver linings represent possibility and hope.