Anne Desmet RA - Limited Edition Ukulele Print
Anne Desmet RA - Limited Edition Ukulele Print

Anne Desmet RA - Limited Edition Ukulele Print

'Tudor Rhythms'

Medium: Lithograph, paper college

Ukulele: Kala Tenor

Archival Inkjet Print

Somerset Satin 330gsm paper

Edition run of 50


First Five Signed and numbered by the artist

Subsequent editions come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist


Artist statement: 'It is not a painting as I am not a painter. It takes the form of a paper collage of many details of a recent lithograph of mine, which was itself a development of a wood engraved print. Both of these prints were made in 2016 and are images of the very elaborate barley-sugar-like Tudor chimneys at Eton College, where I was artist-in-residence last year. The original wood engraving brings together a collection of these chimneys into one invented composition. The lithograph started its life as a computer-assisted collage of details from this engraving repeated and re-scaled to create a forest that resembled trees but which was actually composed of numerous of these twisting, writhing brick chimneys. I chose to collage details of this lithograph onto the ukulele because the twirling, joyous, exuberant forms of those chimneys put me in mind of rhythms in music and, in the finished piece, the neck of the instrument starts to look a bit like an enormous chimney/tree and is thus part of the composition. Also, just as the lithograph was about one set of objects (namely man-made chimneys also acting as trees), the collaged ukulele would be a functional musical instrument also being an art object, so I felt that there existed interesting parallel sets of ideas to play with about one set of images that can suggest something entirely different or about an object that can be transformed into something else with different associations.'