Charlotte MacMillan - Lil Kim
Charlotte MacMillan - Lil Kim

Charlotte MacMillan - Lil Kim


Hand Painted Resin and 3D Printed Sculpture


Limited Run of 6



The Collagist is an alter ego for Charlotte MacMillan - a multi-disciplinary artist. There are no particular specialities - only a preference for using thread and fabric, but not excluding paint, paper, glue, yarn and digital media. Having been a freelance photographer in London for 22 years, she left London to live in Somerset with her family and concentrated on creating wearable art. Self-taught on a vintage Cornely chain stitcher and Irish embroidery machines, Charlotte creates subversively stitched outfits for performers such as Boy George, Coldplay and John Grant as well as spending her time in her studio messing up photos and found objects with more thread and fabric, painting and sculpting.