Fipsi Seilern - Limited Edition Ukulele Print

Fipsi Seilern - Limited Edition Ukulele Print


Ukulele: Kala Tenor

Archival Inkjet Print

Somerset Satin 330gsm paper

Edition run of 50

A3 Print 

First Five Signed and numbered by the artist

Subsequent editions come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist


Fipsi Seilern was born in London in 1984. She studied in Florence for four years under the American painter Charles H. Cecil, learning the traditional "sight-size" portrait painting method.Since moving back to London in 2007, she has worked in many different studios, pursuing a fascination with the human condition and in particular, communication, dialogue, response and above all the subconscious. Her work tends to focus around human relationships set within different contexts, distorting possibilities and exploring the potential of mass mentality in contrast to her more traditional work, though all her work stems from some form of personal exchange.