Lot 428 - Henrietta Armstrong - SEER VIII
Lot 428 - Henrietta Armstrong - SEER VIII

Lot 428 - Henrietta Armstrong - SEER VIII

Collage, Spray Paint and Holographic Paper

Henrietta Armstrong is a multimedia artist and curator based in London, specialising in sculpture, installation and public art. She looks at man-made objects and structures from everyday technologies that are often obsolete or defunct, and the symbolism or meaning that we imbue them with. Her recent work has been looking at the brutalist forms of sea defences, sea erosion and the global threat of rising sea levels.  
Co-founder of Come Quick Disaster - a platform for arts providing help & information for artists as well as curating exhibitions and running regular events. 
Studied BA Fine Art (Hons) at Sir John Cass School of Art, London, graduating in 2003. Henrietta has recently been selected as a finalist for the National Sculpture Prize 2021, working on a sculpture to be installed at the Broomhill Estate Sculpture Park in Devon later this year. She was awarded as a runner up for the Soho House Art Prize 2020 and is currently working on a public sculpture commission for the village of Tytherington commissioned by Cotswold Homes & South Gloucestershire Council.  
Exhibitions include: Soho Editions: Art Prize 2020 where she created a print edition for Soho Home with Jealous Gallery - 2021, Jealous Gallery Rooftop Mural - 2021, Throwing Bones II at Window 135 - 2020, The Pendle Hill Stones, a permanent public sculpture installed on Pendle Hill in Lancashire - 2018, Contemporary Perspectives in Printmaking at Mall Galleries, London - 2017. 


About the Postcards 

The SEERs were created by Henrietta for her 'Temple of M E D U S A' installation around the time of the #metoo movement. Demonised for her beauty by those that desired her, punished for being a victim of rape, then vilified as a monster, never to be looked at again, Medusa’s story scarily echoes the misogynistic realities of today. She was mortal and not a goddess so creating a temple for Medusa felt like a reprieve. The SEERS are Medusa's victims that she has turned to stone. They now watch over and protect her with their sightless eyes, her servants for eternity.  
Seers in Ancient Greece interpreted signs sent by the gods through bird signs, animal entrails and other methods of divination. However only direct yes & no questions could be answered.