Lot 108 - Ruth	Waldron - Ginger Pot
Lot 108 - Ruth	Waldron - Ginger Pot

Lot 108 - Ruth Waldron - Ginger Pot

Acrylic and Ink on Paper Collage plus Wax Seal

Ruth Waldron is an Irish artist living near Albi, Tarn France. After university she pursued her creative inclinations with a career in Interior Design for 17 years, working in both Ireland and the United Kingdom. 

In 2009 she moved to Shanghai, China. She spent two years with a Chinese tutor, working in particular on traditional ink and watercolour painting techniques. This disciplined and formal style of painting enriched her art with an exciting new perspective. She has a fascination for the colours and motifs in traditional Chinese and Japanese watercolours.  
Further to her experience in China she has completed the Creative Visionary Program (2018) with artist Nicholas Wilton. This course enabled Ruth to take her work and practice to a higher level. She now works in a more inquiring and intuitive manner. 
Ruth has a full time painting practice based at her studio in the south of France. She works on paper, wood board and canvas, using acrylic, watercolour, oil pastels and ink.  



1987-1992, Bachelors degree in Classics and Spanish Literature Trinity College Dublin 
2009-2011 Private tutor in Chinese painting in Shanghai 
2018 Completed The Creative Visionary Program with Nicholas Wilton (California) 




2019 art3f Toulouse, 2019 Art Salon Balma, Toulouse, 2020 Art Exhibition Albi, France. 


About the postcard artworks 


These postcard paintings are a small, but true representation of my current series which explores my fascination for Asian porcelain and also the use of space and a sense of calm in the traditional painting compositions of Chinese art. I use ink on paper collage elements in my work to add a layered and multi-textured finish to my work, which is as important to me as the subject matter or composition. I am influenced by Asian calligraphy and line which is evident in the collage elements. I try to use complex and multilayered methods to produce work that looks simple, spacious, unfussy and calm.