Lot 12 - Michael Boffey - M + D + M Study
Lot 12 - Michael Boffey - M + D + M Study

Lot 12 - Michael Boffey - M + D + M Study

Silver Gelatin on Paper

Michael Boffey was born in Liverpool.  



He trained at Loughborough College of Art and Design (BA Hons 1994) and De Montfort University (MA with Distinction 1997). 


He has participated in exhibitions at Charlie Smith Gallery, Shoreditch, London, Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London, The Lion and Lamb Gallery, London, The Royal College of Art, and Cable Street Studios and Gallery, London 


About the postcard artworks 

According to psychopathologists people’s abiding tendency is to avoid confronting loss. Instead, they cherish it by refusing change and subject the relics that remain to endless emotional ransacking as a continuation of their own withdrawal. 

Imaged in the photographic paintings of Michael Boffey, remnants, here in the form of cut flowers, vases, clocks and other domestic and ornamental paraphernalia are not superfluities then. These works with their faded fancies, have been transformed through various nominal and procedural processes, both gentle and violent, to allow a meditation on reminiscence. 

The playing fields of memory contain a superabundance of richly complex accounts, sometimes embellished and sometimes faded. Apparently, nostalgia is a very bad thing, but despite benign advice about not looking back, we have little idea of what our world will be like in the future. It seems that coping with the fears and pleasures of now and with those of tomorrow does necessitate acknowledgement of a past. - Jean Taylor