Lot 123 - Sirpa Moghissi - Paradise Not Lost IV
Lot 123 - Sirpa Moghissi - Paradise Not Lost IV

Lot 123 - Sirpa Moghissi - Paradise Not Lost IV

Mixed Media with Resin on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

Sirpa Moghissi’s current series of work - Icons of Nature - draws on the traditions of icon painting, but makes nature the subject of worship, not human gods or saints. Her mixed media, multi layered collages combine drawing, printmaking, painting, photography and found imagery. Sirpa Moghissi was born in Helsinki, Finland (1963) and came to London, UK to study in the early 1990’s. 


She gained her BA in Fine Art from Byam Shaw School of Art (University of the Arts London) and MA in Fine Art from Middlesex University, when the head of the course was Jon Thompson (artist, curator and academic), credited as one of the main influencers and developers of the YBA artist generation. 


In 2019, her artwork Animalis featured on BBC2’s programme about the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Later the same year she was invited by the Finnish Embassy to mount a solo show at the 12 Star Gallery in the European Commission building in London; this turned out to be the final exhibition at the gallery which was closed soon after due to Brexit. In early 2020 her work was shown at Volta, New York and the London Art Fair, represented by C&C Gallery. Her current solo show (closed until further notice) is at the C&C Gallery in London until 10.4.2021.

Gallery Representation

C&C Gallery and Hampstead Garden Gallery (both London) In Paradise Not Lost I – IV, Sirpa takes inspiration from traditional stained-glass windows, amplifying the religious overtones whilst referencing the windows through which people have been forced to view the world during the lockdowns brought about by the COVID pandemic.