Lot 128 - Ghislaine	Howard - Rebecca Pregnant

Lot 128 - Ghislaine Howard - Rebecca Pregnant

Acrylic on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Bidding starts at £50
Ghislaine Howard is an artist who speaks directly of what it is to be human - how we feel and how we live. She made her reputation with the ground-breaking solo exhibition, ‘A Shared Experience’ at Manchester Art Gallery in 1993. Her work has been shown at many prestigious venues including the British Museum, Canterbury Cathedral, The Wellcome Foundation and the Foundling Museum in London. Over eighty of her canvases act as the anchoring point for ‘Love is a Rebellious Bird’, the extraordinary installation/exhibition curated by the internationally acclaimed artists and film-makers, Al and Al.Ghislaine has an amazing ability to express in line and colour a deep and powerful response to the world - its joys, delights and, in her daily 365 paintings for which she is so well known, the events that shape our lives on a domestic, national and international level. Her work is loved by collectors, critics, curators and can be found in many public and private collections including the Manchester and Whitworth Art galleries and the Royal Collection. She is currently working on a series of paintings after the great Titian paintings on show at the National gallery, London and is bringing to completion the final versions of her seven painting cycle of ‘The Seven Acts of Mercy’.Her work is the subject of many publications, including Ghislaine Howard: The Human Touch, written by her husband the art historian Michael Howard and published by Manchester Metropolitan University in association with Martin Heaps and CollectArt. Many critics have written about her work, including Sister Wendy Beckett who recognised in her painting ‘such passionate excitement in the abstract glories of colour and light; we are swept away by the beauty of the actual paint even before we start to take delight in the image which she is celebrating. Howard clearly loves what she paints, and what she paints is in itself, in a strange symbolic fashion, love also.’