Lot 144 - Hannah Mooney - Ballyglass at Midday
Lot 144 - Hannah Mooney - Ballyglass at Midday

Lot 144 - Hannah Mooney - Ballyglass at Midday

Oil on Board
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

Hannah Mooney was born in Co. Donegal in 1995, Ireland. Lives and works in Co. Mayo.


2013-14 Art and Design Foundation, University of Ulster. 2014-17 BA Painting & Printmaking, Glasgow School of Art. 


Deanes Award for High Achievement, University of Ulster 2014. 
RSA John-Kinross Scholarship 2017. 
RSA Landscape Drawing Prize 2017. 
James Nicol McBroom Memorial Prize 2017. 
Armour Prize 2017. 
Glasgow Print Studio Publication Prize 2017. 
Hottinger Prize for Excellence 2018. 
House for an Art Lover Award 2018. 
Art in Healthcare Prize 2018. 
Fleming-Wyfold Bursary 2018. 
Solo exhibitions:
Hannah Mooney, Fleming-Wyfold Bursary Winner 2019, John Martin Gallery, Mayfair, London. 
Hannah Mooney, Notes From the West 2019, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh. 
Hannah Mooney, Emerging Talent Exhibition 2020, Messums, Wiltshire. 
Art in Healthcare UK, James Nichol McBroom Archive, Hottinger Group and Fleming-Wyfold Collection

About the postcard artwork

My work observes the natural growth and relationship between light and land in County Mayo and how this changes throughout the seasons.