Lot 145 - Matt	Dosa - Cross Over

Lot 145 - Matt Dosa - Cross Over

Acrylic on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Bidding starts at £50

My art career started in graffiti, and although I now paint on canvas more often than concrete, street art continues to influence my work to this day - both in the materials I use, and in the artists I look to for inspiration.
My paintings are always partly, if not entirely, unplanned. I create spontaneous landscapes of pattern and form, masking one part of the landscape while I create another; not knowing how the whole will appear until the mask is peeled away. I sometimes think of my work as a sequence of experiments or iterations: each painting taking elements from the previous one, and building them into new environments. I work with texture and mixed media, with acrylic and spray paint at the heart of my toolkit.
Although my work is completely abstract, I’m often thinking about letter forms as I paint, and parts of letters can be found scattered through the work, echoes from my time as a graff writer. It’s for the viewer to decide what my landscapes mean, and to label what they find in them, if anything. It interests me to learn what springs into people’s minds when they look at my work - one man’s jungle canopy is another’s cluster of open parasols, and I often ask other people to name the finished pieces. For me, I see nothing but the multitude of techniques I’ve employed to apply paint to canvas, and the new possibilities born in this painting, which I will carry over to the next.