Lot 146 - Liz Dexheimer - Green Suite Series No IX
Lot 146 - Liz Dexheimer - Green Suite Series No IX

Lot 146 - Liz Dexheimer - Green Suite Series No IX

Synthetic Polymer on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

Liz Dexheimer is a contemporary American painter and printmaker. Her work has been exhibited widely, in both solo and curated shows, throughout the eastern part of the United States, and appears in numerous public, private and corporate collections throughout the country, including The State of Connecticut, Four Seasons Hotels, Frontier Communications, Hudson Insurance, J.W. Marriott (Essex House), J.W. Nordstrom, Inc., Ritz Carlton, United Peoples Bank and many more. 


Born in 1960, she received a BA from Oberlin College in Ohio and continued her studies at the School of Visual Arts and Parsons School of Design, both in Manhattan. Dexheimer's work is in a number of corporate and public collections including The State of Connecticut, Frontier Communications, Hudson Insurance, JW Nordstrom, Inc, United Peoples Bank. A native of Manhattan, Ms. Dexheimer currently resides in Washington, CT, where she maintains a painting studio.

Gallery Representation

Amy Simon Fine Art, Westport, CT, USA; Argazzi Art, Lakeville, CT, USA; Claire Carino Contemporary, Boston, MA, USA; 

About the postcard artworks

The conversation that occurs as colors react and interact with each other, each adding its own energy and dynamic, is fundamental to my approach in all my work. My current series of paintings continues to explore qualities of light, reflection and color, how they inform and alter what we see, how they create atmosphere. My imagery is informed by the linear and fluid elements of wetland environments. I often work with a limited palette, layering and blending just a few colors to achieve a meditative stillness, a sense of place and quietude. In other work I find myself incorporating combinations of highly-keyed colors and elaborate patterning which take on a more dynamic quality. I tend to alternate between these two approaches, I enjoy how they play off of one another and inform each other. I normally work in series, digging in to various themes as points of departure. For this auction, I have created two cards: Green Suite Series no. IX, incorporating one of my favorite motifs - the long view, strong horizon and reflected elements, and Burst Series Conversations with E, recalling a delightful afternoon spent by the river, observing the flow and the play of light in the water while in conversation with a dear friend.