Lot 170 - Phillip Reeves - Pinky
Lot 170 - Phillip Reeves - Pinky

Lot 170 - Phillip Reeves - Pinky

Oil on Aluminium Dibond

Things That Are Good: 

Chance and Consequence 
The Aztecs / Ancient Egypt  
Japanese Consumer Packaging and Fonts 
Urban Dérive  
Viscosity of Paint and Other Fluids 
Myth Building and Lies 
Arcane Rituals 
The Thrill of The Chase 
Beauty – but more so beauty which is in some way spoiled - Wabi-sabi  
The Occult 
Costumes / Clothing / Shoes 
Machines and The Speed of Industry 
Travelling for a very long time to do something special for a single moment -Sentiment 
Grubby Interiors  
Abandoned Relics 
Tropics and Tundra / Voids and Expansive Space / New Frontiers and Plateaus 
Irony and The Bitter Sweet 
I work primarily with stories and narratives. I am increasingly interested in how clothing can become a costume for a character to be recognised in, and reacted to according to predetermined behavioural tropes within an actualised scenario. Taking the psychology of fashion as an undercurrent, I like to feature people and objects in works multiple times, seeing them as reoccurring characters on different sets, perhaps akin to a time traveling soap opera. 
I like making work about ideas I hear or things I read, especially stories. If the stories have been falsely elaborated - then I like them even more. The idea of making a record of history, a third hand account, perhaps wayward from the truth interests me, but not with all my works. Some of my works are a private joke.  



2020 / 21 - Turps Painting Course 
2015 / 18 - Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art 
2015 /16 - School of The Damned 
2004 - 07 - London Metropolitan BA Fine Art2019 Acquisition of ‘Gravy Boats’ - V & A Museum Permanent Collection 
2018/19 Artist in Residence Studio Award – Husk, London 
2019 Winner – The Jealous Art Prize 
2018  Shortlisted - The Graduate Art Prize 
2018 Winner – Wytham Hall Painting Prize, selected by Sasha Craddock 
2017 Shortlisted - The Dentons Art Prize 2017, curated by Niamh White 
2017 Selected for The Lynn Painter – Stainers’ Prize Exhibition 2017 
06/2014 – 09/2014 Artist in Residence at Embassy of Foreign Artists, Geneva 
06/2014 Artist Scholarship from Canton of Geneva 
10/2012 Elizabeth V. Sullivan Scholarship - The Arts Students League of NY 
10/2012 Artist in Residence at The Arts Students League of NY


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