Lot 171 - Becca May Collins - The Effects of All in One Circle

Lot 171 - Becca May Collins - The Effects of All in One Circle

Oil on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Bidding starts at £50

Becca May Collins is a Welsh artist whose warm and textural paintings evoke a sense of sentimentality and narrative.

Her subjects are specific sites, which she visits over a prolonged amount of time, researching the intangible through walking, talking, drawing and being. Becca looks to blur the edges of observation, memory and imagination in her process, resulting in imagery that captures the gentle histories and the present emotions of a site.

Most recently working with the Hafod Estate in Ceredigion, which stirred feelings of ‘home’, her current subject of interest.


Artist Statement: ‘I am excited to support a charity like the Hepatitis C trust – being a patient-led and patient-run organisation there is a trust that the patients will be cared for with kindness and empathy, which is so important when a person is in need of help and support. I hope that my little donation goes on to help a person with whatever they’re struggling with, and they can see that support for them reaches far and wide’.