Lot 175 - Alex Jorgensen - Untitled/ SP1.03
Lot 175 - Alex Jorgensen - Untitled/ SP1.03

Lot 175 - Alex Jorgensen - Untitled/ SP1.03

Oil on Paper

(b. 1967, London, UK) Alex Jorgensen studied at Bath Academy of Art and Brighton Polytechnic, where he received the Annabel Birtles Award. His interest lies in quiet exploration of form, composition and construction of works that give weight to small things. 
He had a workshop near Bath in the ‘90s, where he made small oil paintings and curated several exhibitions of work by important British potters, before a move to London and starting a family with his late wife Amanda (nee Lewis). Recent years have seen a return to oil paint and a move to Buckinghamshire. 
“I am something of a contemplative and see my work closer, perhaps, to prayer or song than art. A distillation of things - using a few simple materials. It is slow work. Circular and constructive in nature. A lifelong interest”. 


1980s / 1990s: 
Artist '89, London Contemporary Arts  
Art of the Printmaker, Royal Festival Hall (Printmakers Council) 
Royal Society of Painter-Etchers, Bankside Gallery 
Contemporary British Prints, Scarborough Art Gallery 
ICAF, Olympia 
Victoria Art Gallery, Bath  
Miniprint International, Cadaques, Spain & Japan  
Oxford Gallery 
Godfrey & Watt, Harrogate 
Zella 9 Gallery, London 
Portobello Open, Tabernacle Gallery, London 
Printworks Gallery, Colchester 
Countryworks Gallery, Powys 
Blackheath Gallery, London 
Montpelier Gallery, Cheltenham 
Beatrice Royal Gallery, Eastleigh 
Sudeley Castle, Cheltenham 
Vena Bunker Gallery, Bristol 
West Ox Arts Gallery, Bampton 
A Return to Beauty, Roy Miles Gallery, London  
Mistral Gallery, London 
Bough & Lime Gallery, Bath 
Whitechapel Open  
Lena Boyle Fine Art, London  
Bcontemporary Art, London 
Candy & Candy, London 
Andersson Hall Art, London 
Workplace Art, London 
Gallery S, Faervik, Norway 
Flair, Cambridge Contemporary Art 
Moreton Contemporary Art, London 
Woolff Gallery, London  
2010 / 2020s: 
Lynne Strover Gallery, Cambridge 
Cambridge Art Fair 
St. Anne's Galleries, Lewes 
Abstract, Woolff Gallery, London  
Lena Boyle Fine Art, London 
London Art Fair 
Art on a Postcard, Unit, London 
Birdie Fortescue, Fakenham 
Brady Williams, London 
Cricket Fine Art, London 


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