Lot 177 - Sara Willet - Beijing Sun ii
Lot 177 - Sara Willet - Beijing Sun ii

Lot 177 - Sara Willet - Beijing Sun ii

Ink and Watercolour on Paper

Painting, for me, is a way of balancing stillness with energy and movement.  
One of the things I find most fascinating about painting is the slowing down of time, and how the temporal register effects the work. The process I have developed consists of both systematic repetition and conscious intuition, creating detailed, multi-layered surfaces – the curvilinear shapes that emerge are never entirely predicted. Repetition of form, as in the natural environment, creates complex growth patterns and rhythms, allowing the pictorial space to act as a platform for transformation and evolution. The layers create visual tensions and a dialogue emerges between what is hidden and what is revealed. The results play with the stability of the viewing experience, creating complex illusions of depth that confuse the eye and trick the brain. 


BA Honours Painting - Camberwell College of Art 1999 - 2001 
MA Fine Art - Camberwell College of Art 2009 – 2011 


Further from Home, Hatcham House Gallery, London 2020 
Hold Your Breath, Project Space, Lewisham Arthouse 2020 
New Work, 12 Hay Hill, Curated by 20:20 Art Vision, Mayfair, London, 2019 
In the Space of Elsewhere, with Lu Mei, Project Space, LAH London, 2018 
Kunstformen der Yuanland, with John Lunn, Being 3 Gallery, Beijing 2016 
City Kaleidoscope, Being3 Gallery, Beijing, 2016 
Spectre, Curious Projects Space, Eastbourne, 2015 
China Web, Da Wang Culture Highland, Shenshen, China 2013 
Shape Shift, Cinnamon Kitchen, London 2013 
Kunstforment der Poundland, Deptford X London 2012 
Ligeia, Deptford X, main programme, London 2011 
Psychidea, Tinpitch Art at Ganapati, London 2010 
Arabesque, Arthouse Gallery, London 2010 
One Fine Day, Beverley Knowles Fine Art 2008 

Shortlisted – The Sunny International Art Prize, 2017 
Shortlisted – The Creekside Open – Richard Deacon selection, 2017 
Shortlisted – Deptford X Fringe Award, 2013 
Fully supported residency – Being 3 Gallery, Beijing, 2016 
Fully supported residency – Da Wang Culture Highland, Shenzhen, 2015 
Fully supported residency – Da Wang Culture Highland, Shenzhen, 2013 

Gallery Representation 

New Blood Art, UK 
20:20 Iconic Art. Vision 
The House of the Nobleman 
Being 3 Gallery - Beijing, China 
Singulart - France, Germany 


About the postcard artworks 
These little paintings are inspired by the time I have spent making work in China, twice in a rural mountain area (Wutong) and once in an industrial area in North East Beijing. The weeks I spent in the old industrial area of Beijing presented me with days of blue-skied autumnal beauty, but also days of heavy pollution when the city was bathed in crepuscular gloom. I became interested in the quality of light on these days; especially when the sun’s rays struggled to break through the mists and at night when the air became a neon infused haze. The work began to respond to this visual phenomenon.