Lot 182 - Lisa	Ivory - Offering
Lot 182 - Lisa	Ivory - Offering

Lot 182 - Lisa Ivory - Offering

Ink on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

As both myth and symbol, the Wild Man could be both savage and sublime, evoke fear and admiration, and represent our antithesis and ideal. It is a universal condition , as evident within “civilization” as without. 

Ivory’s abject aberrations are exiles from this dark, unsettling sensibility. Ivory’s work uses a bestiary that describes Everyman’s woes-his trials and travails, failures and flailing. A Wild Man, Savage Woman and feral Child are positioned as the flawed hero and the plight of the Outsider. The monstrous; primitive, irrational Wild man is at once our fall guy, our belonging and our otherness. This plight is shared by the Foundling, the Waif, the Abandoned and the fallen woman. The Outsiders are victims of their own innocence (seduction, rape, abandonment) or their own experience (Ignorance, carnality, sensuality). This work has a natural conversation with the innocence and experience of William Blake’s Lost Girls and Boys and the stuff that small (and big) children worry about...what looks through the window at night or claws at your door. Lost and feral babes allegorise our animality. Man and beast meld as a medieval drollery. 


Foundation Course, Saint Martins School of Art, London Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fine Art, Painting, Saint Martins School of Art, London Exhibitions

include Every Day, Terrace Gallery, 2020, London Savage Gardens, solo show, 2020, Pamela Salisbury Gallery, New York Two Fold, 2019, OA Gallery, Salford Mythos, 2018, Charlie Smith London National Original Print Exhibition 2017, London Vice, Malice, Lust and Cunning, solo show, 2017, Lubomirov-Angus-Hughes Gallery, London Antennae, Platform Projects, 2017, Athens National Original Print Exhibition 2016, London Sixty, Art-Athina Platform Projects 2016 Hundreds and Thousands, Lubomirov-Angus-Hughes Gallery, 2016 London The British Connection, 2015 Pori Art Museum, Finland Five Paintings at The Three Crowns 2015, London Limited Editions 2015,Lubomirov-Easton, London Bad Behaviour 2014, Brixton East Gallery, London Neo:Print Prize 2014, neo:gallery, Bolton The Whole Thing’s Coming Out of the Dark, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London Printjam 2014, Art Bermondsey, London A5-Platform Projects@Art Athina 2014, Lubomirov-Easton, Athens Void Open 2013, Void Gallery, London Untitled Male Id, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London Blind Date, Presented by ALISN, Supermarket 2013- Independent Art Fair, Stockholm Soul Meat, Lion and Lamb Gallery, London Temple of the Occult, Norman Rea Gallery, York Big Deal Sexy100, Wall to Wall, London, curated by STIMULUS LTD Scope Basel 2011, Presented by Guillochon Gallery London, Basel The Great Alonso, Primo Alonso, London City Hobgoblins, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London Freaks, Shoreditch Town Hall, London The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London Sideshow, Primo Alonso, London Start Your Collection, Contemporary Arts Projects, London Wish You Were Here 3, A.I.R Gallery, New York Kindness of Strangers, The Helm, Washington ArtWorks Open, Barbican Arts Trust Project Space, London