Lot 186 - Richard Hoey - Untitled
Lot 186 - Richard Hoey - Untitled

Lot 186 - Richard Hoey - Untitled

Acrylic on Card

Born 1968 I am a British artist, living and working in Brazil since 2014. My paintings are constructed by layering images which are lifted directly from my environment such as Brazilian architecture and Urban design, text which is found in street advertising along with log-type images of palm trees and other natural forms which cause us to immediately of tropical places. By layering these elements over one another, the boundaries become blurred so the references to the natural and man-made become inseparable. I use this process to consider questions of identity in a cross culture world and the impact of globalisation. 

Drawing directly from my own experience of being a foreigner in Brazil which has a history of foreign invasion, the impact of which is very evident. Whether it be the scars on the natural landscape brought on by exploitation of natural resources and industry, the colonial architecture which gives witness to Brazil’s past or the signs of globalisation through the presence of giant corporations. I bring visual references from these factors together in my work and by overlapping them, attempt to harmonise them aesthetically whilst contemplating the issues the work is concerned with. 



I have a formal background in Interior design. I am a self-taught artist and hold an MA in fine art from City & Guilds of London Art School since 2012. 



2020 solo show - 'Tristes Tropiques', Online Show, After Nyne Contemporary, London 
2018 group show - After Nyne Presents, After Nyne Gallery, London 
2014 group show - Seven Deadly Sins, The Unit Gallery London UK 
2013 group show - Black Country, Lion & Lamb Gallery,London UK 
2012 Awarded Fenton Arts Trust Grant 


Gallery Representation 
I am currently represented by After Nyne Contemporary, London UK. 


About the postcard artworks 

The four small works submitted for AOAP employ colours and forms which can conjure up ideas of tropical places. The colours are intensified and saturated to the point of them appearing unnatural. This combination of the natural and artificial is based on ideas of the duality of the manmade and natural worlds.