Lot 198- Matthew J. Pitts - Sebastian Says
Lot 198- Matthew J. Pitts - Sebastian Says

Lot 198- Matthew J. Pitts - Sebastian Says

Acrylic and Gesso on Paper

Matthew J Pitts studied Fine Art Painting at Norwich School of Art and Design and is a now based in St Leonards-on-sea, on the south coast of England. His work is in private collections in the UK, Europe, Switzerland, Australia, and the US. Pitts creates work with a warm and open character that explores the formal qualities of painting and pictorial space – composition, shape, line and colour. 
“Many things influence my paintings and there is no hierarchy: bad jokes, Tintoretto, a dripping tap – it’s all fair game and welcomed in equally. The paintings exist as objects in their own right and there is no hidden message or agenda. They are a collection of humble materials that provide a record of endeavour at a particular moment in time. 
In many ways painting can seem a selfish pursuit, but like many others I have a desire to create and I am drawn to the physical process of painting. I create work in an attempt to better understand the parameters of painting and in turn, better understand the world around me and my place within it. I hope that there is generosity to be found in the images that I make and that viewing them and living with them can be a positive experience.” 



BA (hons) Fine Art Painting 




2019: Bauhaus, Kobi and Teal, Frome, UK 
2019: Design Junction, London, UK 
2019: Twice as Nice, PS Marabel, Manchester, UK 
2012: Art and Domesticity, Home 2, Hastings, UK 
2011: Smalls-Murray ‘Screen Test’, Norfolk and Norwich festival, UK 
2010: Smalls-Murray ‘Petty Tache’ Coastal Currents Festival, Hastings,UK 
2010: Back Door Barter, Back Door Gallery @ Norwich Fringe Festival, UK 
2009: Solo Exhibition, Dragon Bar, Hastings, UK 
2006: Solo Exhibition, Back Door Gallery, Norwich, UK 
Representation and collaboration: 
Wilson, Stephens & Jones, London, UK 
Dust & Soul, Madrid, Spain 


About the postcard artworks 

I enjoyed making work on such an intimate scale. Through their inherent simplicity and economy of visual language I hope the paintings invoke a sense of play and mystery.