Lot 2 - Mandy	Payne - Fred Wigg Tower (Detail)

Lot 2 - Mandy Payne - Fred Wigg Tower (Detail)

Spraypaint and Pen on Hand Coloured Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Bidding starts at £50

My work is inspired by urban landscape, issues of gentrification, social housing and the flux of city environments. I am interested in Brutalist architecture, modernism, notions of utopia/ dystopia and finding beauty in the ordinary/ overlooked. Materiality, surface textures and facture are important concerns to me and for my paintings, I usually work with materials that have a direct  physical connection to the sites I depict, namely concrete and spray paint (referencing the graffiti).

Lockdown has meant many of the materials I usually use are not available so I have been reliant on working with paper or substrates that I have to hand in my studio,  which is how most of the works here were created.

My work has been shown in many open competitions  including the John Moores Painting Prize and the  RA Summer Exhibition and is held in public and private collections both the UK and overseas.