Lot 25 - Alina Zamanova - Untitled
Lot 25 - Alina Zamanova - Untitled

Lot 25 - Alina Zamanova - Untitled

Dry pastels and charcoal on paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

Alina Zamanova is an emerging artist based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Zamanova is concerned with matters of the the human body, its flesh and the emotional darkness it possesses. Within a globalising world, the artist perceives each person to hold an internal struggle between finding their own individuality and conforming to prescribed social norms. The dark conflict that is created within each person is one that Zamanova strives to expose. Using colour, texture and the portrayal of intimate relationships, Zamanova's art transforms emotions, memories and distress onto canvas. The artist is in international private collections, including the USA and UK. Notable collectors include Mohamed Hadid and Parris Goebel. With close links to the fashion industry, Zamanova has also collaborated with Revlon, showStudio and Alexander McQueen.


2012 - 2015 University of the Arts London, BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration


Nov 2020-2021- Solo exhibition, Gillian Jason Gallery, London, UK, “Inside Me” Apr 2019 - Solo exhibition, Art Ramus Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine, “Ugly Game” Apr 2019 - Group exhibition, Raum Gallery, Hamburg, Germany, “The Art Odyssey“ Mar 2019 - Group exhibition, The Art Vacancy , NYC, USA, “Origins” Nov 2018 - Solo exhibition, École française internationale de Kiev, Kyiv, Ukraine, “French Ladies” Nov 2018 - Group Show, SHOWstudio, London, UK, “100 Women“ Sep 2018 - Group Show, TheArtVacancy Gallery, NYC, USA Jun 2018 - Solo exhibition, The Old Bank Vault Gallery, London, UK, “Diverse Beauty” Apr 2018 - Griffin Gallery Group show, Hospital Rooms, London, UKGillian Jason Gallery

About the postcard artworks

Alina Zamanova's artworks embrace multifaceted feelings of the individual towards one's body and transforms differing personalities, desires and insecurities into figures on the canvas. For this unique series with Art on a Postcard, Zamanova has focused on specific parts of the female body. Depicting only one half of the face, torso, arms and legs, the artist explores ideas of fantasy and duality.