Lot 256 - David Abbott - Come Tell to Me
Lot 256 - David Abbott - Come Tell to Me

Lot 256 - David Abbott - Come Tell to Me

Acrylic on Paper

David Abbott uses paint, collage and drawing to explore the intersection of the natural world and human activity within the landscape. His deep landscapes evoke a spirit place where the land, natural world, present moment, history, folk and personal memory all corral together. The inputs may be mundane or transcendent, but the created moment is a quiet, focused expansion of reality out of which all the work gets made. David is interested in folk song and lore, how it locates and defines people inside a landscape, and centres them – through the evocations of folk memory – when outside it. 




David studied art at James Madison University in Virginia, USA, and received a Masters Degree in Multidisciplinary Printmaking at the University of the West of England, Bristol. 




One May Morning, solo exhibition, The Forge, Bristol, 2017 
Bookmarks: Infiltrating the Library System VII, Bookarts UWE, 2009 
Originals 09, Mall Galleries, 2009 
Bookmarks: Infiltrating the Library System VI, Bookarts UWE, 2008 
The 21st Annual Miniature Print Exhibition, Bristol UK, December 2006
Contributing member of The Drama magazine 2004 - 2006 
Lost Weekend at the LUMP Gallery, Richmond VA, August 2004 

Gum Magazine's Tribute to Mr. Rogers, ISSUE Project Room, NY, New York 2004 


About the postcard artworks 


These two paintings (‘Tripping Down’ and ‘Come Tell to Me’) continue my search for deep landscapes; landscape as a vehicle for direct expression and exploring how personal experience and memory overlays history and folk memory.