Lot 257 - Rebecca Swainston - I Awoke with Horns
Lot 257 - Rebecca Swainston - I Awoke with Horns

Lot 257 - Rebecca Swainston - I Awoke with Horns

Gouache, Pen, Gum Arabic and Printing Ink on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

My images examine the complex and ambiguous nature of human experience, it’s physiological and psychological impact and the effect on our psyche. I look at the rituals, conventions and visual signs of our beliefs, social idiosyncrasies and the way we express them, consciously and unconsciously. A personal iconography has developed over years of work and draws upon my own experiences in conjunction with a more universal cultural tradition. The lived experiences of those who find their stories reported in mass media and in the general narrative inspire many images. These events hook into and effect each of our lives and combine in the work with personal remembered and daily life. Situated in the subconscious they manifest and surface repeatedly in expressive layered images. Environment, both natural and man-made, animals and objects all provide clues to the many layered narratives and show hidden aspects of ourselves. Themes recur, for example items of clothing, as a metaphor for protection and strength what is projected and what is withheld. The figures reveal an intimate examination of feelings, expressing both vulnerability and determined resistance. They draw us into the centre of an ongoing quest to unearth internal truths. Working primarily with acrylic and oils, I layer over mixed media. Drawing underpins everything both observational and imagined. 


Rebecca has a first-class honours degree - Winchester school of Art. and an M.A. from Chelsea School of Art.


Rebecca has exhibited her work widely in invited group shows, juried exhibitions and in many solo exhibitions. In May 2019 she had a solo exhibition in London for which an accompanying book was published “Revealed and Concealed” ISBN 978–1 913069–00–1 

Gallery Representation

Castlegate House Gallery