Lot 271 - Ben	Edge - Furfur

Lot 271 - Ben Edge - Furfur

Oil on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Bidding Starts at £50
b. Hubei, China. 93. Tongyu is an artist based in her guts, she thinks about material/ object encounters and habituated chores. With an often intuitive but coy language, Tongyu intends to stir up insignificant life moments and ponder about its weirdness. Incorporating craft techniques, drawing and domestic objects, Tongyu is currently working on a series of new works in her studio in Zhuhai, China.Tongyu has performed and exhibited at Mana Contemporary, Links Hall, Rational Park and Co-prosperity Sphere and alternative spaces like the Hebru Brantley Studios and the Meekling Press in Chicago, IL. She has performed at the Centre A gallery in Vancouver, Canada as part of the group show Here I only worry about my feet, your feet, everybody's feet curated by Christian Vistan. She's a recipient of the Ox-bow School of Art LeRoy Neiman Fellowship (2016). Tongyu recently finished a collaborative residency project at Guangdong Times Museum Banyan Commune, with artist Sam Chao as aoandaoband. Their community based project Bald spot of an eight-year-old balloon is open till May 5th 2019.