Lot 281 - Uthman Wahaab - Untitled
Lot 281 - Uthman Wahaab - Untitled

Lot 281 - Uthman Wahaab - Untitled

Charcoal on Paper 2021

The multidisciplinary artist Uthman Wahaab was born in 1983 in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria and grew up in Lagos.  
Wahaab is an artist who possesses an overarching interest in social phenomenon and eschews a consistent use of medium or even singular aesthetic style. Utilising the disciplines of drawing, painting, graphic design, film, photography, sculpture and installation, Wahaab’s foremost concern is developing a new visual language that consciously rejects traditional forms of depiction in order to document ongoing history and unfolding reality. 
Wahaab’s current work focuses on issues of identity, beauty, sexuality, and cultural influences that inform technological change and social shifts in Africa. To move forward in a globalised world, carefully examining the past and learning from historical lessons are of the utmost importance. The artist is truly committed to giving back to the community by exercising artistic agency to shed light on difficult and often tenuous political, economic, and social dynamics. The artist’s work provides a critical lens on social phenomenon not only within Africa, but more significantly looks at the ways that globalism and post-colonialism complicate the African socials-cape. 


Studied Fine Art at The School Of Art, Design and Printing Yaba College of Technology, Lagos Nigeria. (Painting Major) 

Painting The Figure, Gallery Rosenfeld London, UK 
NADA FAIR, Online Fair. New York 
ArtX Lagos Art Fair, Galleria Voss, Lagos Nigeria 
Lagos Biennal 2nd Edition Lagos, Nigeria  
Floor One Nine, Art Twenty One Gallery, Lagos Nigeria  
1:54 Art Fair, THREAD Cultural Connect, (SPECIAL PROJECT) London United Kingdom 
TAFETA Presents, Art Tafeta, London United Kingdom 
1:54 Art Fair, New York , Sapar Contemporary New York USA (solo) 
Verticality, Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery, London United Kingdom. 
Thinking Through Drawing, Sapar Contemporary Gallery,New York 
TTR Sotheby's International Realty, Washington, DC, USA 
Phenomenal Woman, Sapar Contemporary Gallery, New York (solo) 
ExpoChicago Art Fair with Sapar Contemporary Chicago, USA. 
Dallas Art Fair with Sapar Contemporary, Dallas Texas, USA 
Summer Series, Art Tafeta, London United Kingdom  
Drawing series, Sapar Contemporary Tribeca New York  
Art X Lagos Art Fair with White Space, Lagos Nigeria  
TAFETA & Idalo arts, St Tropez, France   
TAFETA & Idalo arts,Vic-en Bigorre, France  
Interaction: Crossing Lines, Rele Gallery, Lagos Nigeria (Catalogue) 
Hybrid Theory, Signature-Beyond Gallery,Lagos Nigeria (Catalogue) 
Fresh Vernacular, Signature-Beyond Gallery, Lagos Nigeria. ( Catalogue)  


About the Postcards 
These drawings are from the phenomenal women series I started about a decade ago. 
Phenomenal Women confronts the dogma of the traditional reclining nude. 
Inspired by an encounter with a woman with larger than normal stature and the 
extreme anxiety she felt about facing the world, The series is a nod to the Fattening Room tradition in Nigeria that contradicts western-centric 
standards of beauty and sensuality and a reflection to Freudian theories 
of female vanity, suppression, and alleged sexual inferiority. It aims to 
appropriate these conventions by emphasizing the under-appreciated beauty that 
exists in the curves and contours of voluptuous female figures and to celebrate 
the female form as an awe inspiring, powerful object that may exist 
independently of sensuality.  
My figures serve a different purpose than the classical tradition. The portrayal of bodies in these works also suggests a certain disinterest in Western imposition of beauty ideals on African women and society.