Lot 284 - Cinthia Sifa Mulanga - Intimate I
Lot 284 - Cinthia Sifa Mulanga - Intimate I

Lot 284 - Cinthia Sifa Mulanga - Intimate I

Acrylic and Collage on Fabriano Paper

Cinthia Sifa Mulanga was born in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo in 1997. Sifa graduated her 3rd year In 2020 at Artist Proof Studio in printmaking combining techniques such as intaglio, Linocut and silk screening. Her third-year body of work explored the politics surrounding the domestic space and notions of beauty within an Afropolitan context. Sifa's works in many mediums including painting, collage, drawing, photography. In 2019, she was awarded first place for a work created for a tribute exhibition to Louis Khela Maqhubela & Douglas Portway presented by Artist Proof Studio in partnership with Strauss & Co at the Turbine Art Fair. Sifa was also a trainee in the Special Projects Unit at the Artist Proof Studio and had been part of numerous projects commissioned by Bidvest Bank and Hogan Lovell. In 2020 Sifa participated in The TLC Student Lockdown Collection, and exhibited her works on Latitudes Online. She currently lives and works in Johannesburg. 



Matriculated at New Nation School -2015 
Graduated in Print making at Artist Proof Studio – 2020 


Grahams fine art gallery “animal in distress” with The Little Artist  
JSE Duetche bank “animal in distress” with Little Artist 

Awarded 1st prize winner in group exhibition at Turbine Art Fair paying tribute to Louis Khela Maqubhela & Douglas Portway in collaboration with Artist Proof studio & Strauss&Co.  

Part of TLC student collection with Artist Proof Studio and The University of Johannesburg. 
Latitudes Online exhibition for Latitude artfair. 
The human experience group exhibition with. The Project Space South Africa  
Green recovery project for climate change student portfolio with Artist Proof studio  
Eclectic group exhibition with The Art room South Africa  
Liminality in infinite spaces group exhibition organised by African Artists foundation curated by Azu Ngwagbugo and Jana in Lagos Nigeria  
3rd year Printmaking Graduation/exhibition presented by Artist Proof Studio  
London Art Fair EDITs 2021 represented by African Arty in partnership with Latitudes Online  


Gallery Representation 

Agent - Latitudes.Online  
African Arty - africarty.com 


About the postcard artwork 


Art on a postcard has made me aware of the Hepatitis C virus, the causes , symptoms and the treatment with further and provided research. I captured intimate moments in intimate spaces, I choose that moment and space because of how HC virus is caught and passed on ,like a child born to a mom with HCV , sharing of needles and grooming gears , not researching tattoo parlors and unsafe sex. The colours are to evoke emotions of hope and calm which is what I believe reflects the Fundraise of The Trust for the people who do not know they have hepatitis C.