Lot 290 - Julia Chance - Citrus + Navy Sketch
Lot 290 - Julia Chance - Citrus + Navy Sketch

Lot 290 - Julia Chance - Citrus + Navy Sketch

Mixed Media on Gessoed Card

Landscapes and cityscapes inspire me to paint. Once I'm in the studio and start working on a painting, I apply paint to the prepared boards in an intuitive way, exploring the interplay of colours, textures, gestures and mark-making with different tools. My techniques involve building up layers, scraping back, rubbing, blending, scratching and splattering the paint onto the surface. I work on a number of paintings at the same time, moving between them to stay fresh. 
After some time, and as the layers build up, the beginnings of a composition or a particular quality of colour combination and mark-making emerges. I try to stay alert and to notice when this happens. When it does, I follow and build upon it. The process is one of controlling the work as it develops whilst remaining open to taking risks and responding to chance occurrences along the way.  
Sometimes it’s a process that flows, but more often it’s an all-engaging wrestle; gaining, losing and then re-gaining control of the painting over a period of time.  
I spent many years working in the field of architecture and my architectural background of course informs my painting. My process balances intuition with control and I also like to create a sense of space within the surface of the painting. 
I moved to painting full-time in my purpose-built studio in Altrincham, UK after participating in courses run by the artist, Nicholas Wilton.  



Creative Visionary Programme with artist Nicholas Wilton. 
MSc Architectural History (Distinction), University College London. 
ARB Register of UK Architects examination 
Diploma in Architecture.  
First Class Degree in Architecture (Polytechnic of Central London). Royal Academy Winter Exhibition 2020Saul Hay Fine Art, Manchester  
The curated online gallery: riseart.com 



About the Postcards 


In these works I have explored a new palette of earth colours in response to my delight that visits to landscapes are once again possible as Covid restrictions ease. 
To create these works I followed a process that I've been developing over the past years. I work on a number of paintings at once and move back and forth between working with a sense of freedom and intuitive play with the paint and a range of tools, to periods of reflection upon what I see, referring to painting principles and making subsequent adjustments to the pieces.  
The freedom : control dichotomy is carried through further in these paintings with the introduction of collaged elements from architectural drawings. The high level of control that went into the production of these fragments originally, contrasts with the free and more intuitive way that I use the acrylic paint.