Lot 299 - Helen Fay - Welsh Pony
Lot 299 - Helen Fay - Welsh Pony

Lot 299 - Helen Fay - Welsh Pony

Drawing on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

I am a printmaker who specialises in images of domestic and wild animals. My etchings are sparse and open, all the attention focused on the subject. I try to convey the character and nature of the creatures I draw in the pose and expression of my subject. My images are quite empty, I find inspiration in Japanese printmaking and brush painting. I like the idea of the space being as important as the marks I make. 


B.A. Hons in printmaking Sunderland University. MA (RCA) in Natural History Illustration from the Royal College of Art 


Exhibits widely in the UK see website for details Many Galleries in the UK including Glasgow Print Studio and Thompson’s Aldeburgh About the postcard artworks 

Watching garden birds in lockdown. Their life hasn’t changed as ours has in the last year and it’s good to see some things going on as usual!