Lot 302 - Caroline Millar	- Venus
Lot 302 - Caroline Millar	- Venus

Lot 302 - Caroline Millar - Venus

Mixed Media on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

Caroline Millar (b. 1964) is an emerging artist from Glasgow, Scotland. Her mixed-media paintings come about through a multi-layered process of laying down and peeling back, sanding and scraping. Caroline is inspired by childhood memories, and the age-worn surfaces which hold the history of a land, cityscape or domestic setting. 


She has a BA (hons) in Interior Design from Chelsea College of Art and Design. 

Gallery Representation

Caroline is represented by Brownsword Hepworth, London and is working towards a solo show there in July. 

About the auction artworks

For the auction Caroline has created 'Salt Water'. ""The level of sodium in sea water is similar to the level within our body fluids. We came from the sea and ultimately we shall return to the sea. At the level of our cells - we are all connected."" And 'Venus'. ""The first gift my husband gave me was a replica of the Orkney Venus - a tiny stone carving from a Neolithic site. It was initially believed to depict a female but now they're not so sure. To me it's a symbol of humanity and a reminder that in the end - all there is is art."