Lot 309 - Anna Jung Seo - 88 Club
Lot 309 - Anna Jung Seo - 88 Club

Lot 309 - Anna Jung Seo - 88 Club

Egg Tempera on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Signed on verso

Anna Jung Seo a Korean artist based in London. Her paintings developed out of an interest in the intimate moments of people, which unveiled the different layers of human relationships. She embraces the painting practice as a form of understanding, like a palimpsest. Following quick observations through daily encounters in the streets, pubs and markets in London or Seoul, the viability of the anecdotes, recalls her personal memories as well as her previous study, literature. 


Turps Studio Programme, Turps Art School (2015-17) / BA(Fine Art) at City&Guilds of London Art School(2011) / PhD (French Literature), Yonsei University, Seoul (1999)


Anna has exhibited in UK and abroad; her works have been selected for various shows including the RA summer shows and the Discerning Eye exhibition, Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize, Sluice Art Fair, Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Competition.

About the postcard artworks

'88Club’ and ‘Who are you?’ are from her ongoing project in Korea. They are based on her visit to a place where old Korean people have fun while they do dancing together. -‘Between ‘Then’ and ‘Not Yet’ ‘ is from ‘Moral Disorder’ by Margaret Atwood. -‘Martin Eden’ is based on a film, ‘Martin Eden’