Lot 315 - Charlotte Keates - Ritual II

Lot 315 - Charlotte Keates - Ritual II

Ink, Paint and Oil Bar on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Bidding starts at £50

Featured in Harper's Bazaar, Atlas Magazine, Supersonic Art online, and having exhibited in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Bristol, St Ives, Liverpool, Manchester and London, Charlotte Keates is a finalist for the 2018 Threadneedle Prize.


Borrowing from technical blueprint and architectural drawing, Keates’s work draws on the ideals of organic architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Hugo Haring and Bucky Fuller. Interiors recall the modish geometry of 1960s and ‘70s design, shown here in communion with elements from the natural world. Trees push through flat concrete, while perspectives unfold in sheets of glass. These images of modernist leisure leave one with the feeling of having entered a space only recently vacated, dramatising stillness without surrendering movement.


These are environments that suggest, technically as well as artistically, indistinct human activity and motion. If, as Kevin Lynch argues in his  essay The Image of the City (1960), architecture is ‘construction in space’ and  therefore a ‘temporal art’, then Keates’s paintings, replete with geometric and trapezoidal imagery, are the artist fracticalising the no-less concrete practice of the architect.


Keates's work is interdisciplinary, meta-textual – serene, airy landscapes that shock the viewer with ‘more than the eye can see, more than the ear can hear’, evermore settings, corners and aspects ‘waiting to be explored’.