Lot - 32 - Billy Fraser - Colourscape Mini I
Lot - 32 - Billy Fraser - Colourscape Mini I
Lot - 32 - Billy Fraser - Colourscape Mini I

Lot - 32 - Billy Fraser - Colourscape Mini I



A6 (10x15cm)

Original Artwork

Signed on Verso

This auction is raising proceeds for The Hepatitis C Trust

Curated by Hector Campbell



Billy Fraser (b. 1995, Bath) currently lives and works in London, he graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2017. Fraser's practice explores an extensive series of speculations executed across a variety of mediums. Combining aspects of alternative art production with an interest in an expanded linear narrative, Fraser creates artworks that exist on a timeline of subjective experience, encompassing the at once majestic and horrific encounters of the natural, the industrial, the technological and the nuclear. Solemnity and absurdity collide as Fraser mines the pop-cultural and socio-historical context of human achievements; just as mythical legends of power and destruction inspired artists for millennia, so the feats of human endeavour witnessed over the past century serve to stimulate contemporary concepts of might, doom and inevitable demise. 




BFA, Chelsea College of Art, London, UK 


Solo Shows 


Shattered, Grove Collective, London, UK 


Sample Paintings, Sherbet Green, London, UK  

High Treason 1605, Des Bains, London, UK 


Group Shows 


New Now: Part 2, Guts Gallery, London, UK 


Piccalilli Fundraiser, Piccalilli Gallery, London, UK 

Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday, Modern Forms, London, UK 

Opticks, Sherbet Green, London, UK 


Arc, Padstow, UK 


Gallery Representation 

Collective Ending 


Statement about AOAP Submitted Artwork 

“Fraser’s sculptural, expanded-painting practice seeks to evoke distinctive, epoch-defining moments in history that have stimulated a destabilising reaction in humans, from moon landings to assassination attempts. The foundation of these works is the totemic ability of certain objects to encapsulate awe, wonder and horror. The Colourscapes are the most elementary part of the artist’s experimentation, designed to function as harmonious colourways, leaning on theory to create emotional experience. Each tablet is treated as a block of data, communicating how different colours and intensities react with one another, as well as casting, in three dimensions, the artist’s reflections on the abstraction of painting as a medium. The cured pigments, used by Fraser as ongoing references, underline Josef Albers’ assertion that “Every perception of colour is an illusion... We do not see colours as they really are. In our perception they alter one another.” 

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