Lot 326 - Ariane Heloise Hughes - Dinner Party (2)
Lot 326 - Ariane Heloise Hughes - Dinner Party (2)

Lot 326 - Ariane Heloise Hughes - Dinner Party (2)

Oil on Primed Paper 

Ariane Heloise Hughes is a British/Australian painter based in London. Graduating with a BA in painting from Camberwell in 2019, Ariane then spent a year making work and assisting sculptor Dario Ghibaudo in Milan. She currently has a space with VO Curations in Aldgate and spends most, if not all, of her time in the studio covered in paint. 
Hughes’ paintings navigate the tenuous threshold of the subject/object dichotomy. Through her blending of contemporary and traditional imagery, amalgamation of figuration and setting, she challenges this rigid paradigm. Throughout her practice, the female nude is a recurring subject as it personifies the subject/object dualism within the Western Canon of Art. Through investigating this traditional trope and by playing on both sides of the threshold between the mundane and the surreal, Ariane hopes to conceive of a new visual vernacular for desire. One that operates outside the norms of conventional beauty and ‘the gaze’. 


Painting BA (Camberwell UAL)Columbia/Roman Road residency (May-June 2021) 
'Get A Load Of This' (Daniel Raphael Gallery, May 2021) 
'First Swing Of The Bat' (Gallery 46 Whitechapel, April 2021)