Lot 33 - Alexander 	Johnson - Remembered Man #1 (Plantain Worker USA, 1896)

Lot 33 - Alexander Johnson - Remembered Man #1 (Plantain Worker USA, 1896)

Oil, Charcoal and Matt Varnish on Paper
A6 (10x15cm) original artwork
Bidding starts at £50
Whatever I am working on, my paintings are always rooted in charcoal drawing. Subsequently these drawings are simplified and abstracted to produce the painted work. I'm interested in history and specifically history captured in the black and white era of photography from say 1860- 1965. I don't know why this monochrome era has always fascinated me so (even as a child) but it does and continues to provide source material for my work. More recently I have taken imagery from Victorian and Edwardian stereoscope cards and carte-de-visites (calling cards) and made paintings from them. Currently, I am working from still-shots of a short piece of film shot in 1929, at the beginning of the Great Depression in the USA, of the 'flagpole skater' who roller-skated non-stop for 51 hours above Holman's Department Store in Monterey California. The scene is included in the John Steinbeck novel Cannery Row and is proving to be a subject that is very fertile for me. Alexander Johnson has had work exhibited at numerous shows, including the Royal Academy of Art 2020 Summer exhibition.